Nintendo has announced a portable console 3DS XL with larger screens

There is a good day for every game console lover because today Nintendo has announced a new portable game console i.e. Nintendo 3DS XL console.

Ninetendo Console 3DS XL
Ninetendo Console 3DS XL

As the name implies this new product is different from its predecessor 3DS and it has better and larger dimensions. Its display has a diagonal size of 4.88 inches. In addition, the device has received a extended battery that will operate in standalone mode for much longer than the previous model.

It is expected that Nintendo 3DS XL model goes on sale in Japan from 28 July for about $ 235. In the U.S. and other markets, the novelty will be August 19 for about $ 200. It package includes the console and standard SD memory card is 4GB. The device will be available on the market in white and red colors in which it is looking eye grabbing.


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