Nintendo Wii Mini compact game console: Specs & Features

After overcoming the milestone of 100 million selling game console Wii, Nintendo announced the release of a new modification of the device that are smaller in size and lower cost and novelty called as Wii Mini. This model is a low-cost, and does not support some functions of the Wii. With it, you cannot connect to the Internet, and run games Nintendo GameCube. However, the Wii Mini should work more than 1400 games for the standard Wii, issued on CDs. Thus, the new console acts as an affordable solution for those who have not previously used the consoles Nintendo Wii, but would like to try.

Nintendo Wii Mini
Game console Nintendo Wii Mini connections in matt black with red trim. Its package contains manipulator Wii Remote Plus controller and Nunchuk. It is also noted that the new product is compatible with most accessories for Wii.

Nintendo Wii Mini
Originally, Nintendo Wii Mini goes will go on sale in Canada, this will take place on December 7. The recommended retail price of the model is set by the manufacturer at $ 100. After the end of the holidays console Wii Mini should appear in the markets of other countries, but information about it is not reported, so stay tuned with us.

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