Nintendo’s Miiverse gets mobile access, web interface

The Wii U from Nintendo contains an integrated social network system called Miiverse. Miiverse, which allows users to chat with one another through text, share gameplay hints, is directly integrated into the Wii U’s system menu.

Now, Nintendo it taking it to next level by launching a web portal. Wii U users can login to using their initial login and access their Miiverse activity feed, user menu, notifications and communities. Nintendo Network ID created on the Wii U is what is required for the web version on Miiverse.

As of now, the features are limited though (beta expereince as per Nintendo) e.g. at the moment you can not create new threads although you can “like” existing ones. Using Miiverse, users can share their achievements in supported games.

Nintendo Miiverse
Nintendo Miiverse (source: wiiudaily)

Since it uses standard internet technologies, Miiverse can be accessed through a PC, mobile devices, tablets, and the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has stated that Miiverse will be moderated through software filtering as well as through human resources team hired by Nintendo, as such comments posted can take up to 30 minutes to be posted

PC and mobile version of the Wii U social network would be available by May, with a version for Nintendo 3DS due later.

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