Nokia Android Smartphone – Imagine a Nokia Lumia with Android

An announcement of Nokia jobs in search of a chief software engineer, has unleashed all the rumors, as the Finnish company seeks a Linux expert to work in ‘new products’ – So there would be Nokia Android Smartphone?

Nokia Android Smartphone

As you know, before the contract of Nokia with Microsoft to use Windows Phone as a reference system, there were rumors of extensive use in future Android smartphones of the Finnish company, but later Nokia Android Smartphone seemed as a dream only.

These Rumors were discarded after the announcement of the alliance with Microsoft and now they return with a suggestive job requiring an “expert in C / C + + and Java to develop software on embedded devices Linux hardware drivers for our exciting new products” – Nokia.

Is not it interesting? Android would be the jackpot of Linux quoted by Nokia but not the only one who could relate, as the company has been working on its own operating system based on Linux – Meltemi.

Another possibility would be the Intel Tizen OS but Samsung’s presence does not make good in travelling companion and seems unlikely.

In future, we will see Nokia smartphones running Linux based OS but there would not be Nokia Android Smartphone, so let’s wait and watch and stay tuned with us, we will update you as earliest.

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