Nokia: Google Nexus 7 has violated our patents

Announced a Week ago, Google Nexus 7 had come under the scope of lawyers of Nokia, who said that the first tablet of Google violates a number of patents owned by the Finnish manufacturer.

Google Nexus 7

More information about this CASE has not been revealed, but as Reported by The Inquirer, Google Nexus 7 has misused technology of related to the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi. Nokia Announced to the press that neither Google, NOR the ASUS has not the Appropriate Licenses.
Nokia is not trying to Ban the use of their Technology, but requires them to licensing. Nokia has presented more than 40 patents related to wireless communications standard Wi-Fi, and many manufacturers world class are licensed from the technologies. In the case of Google and ASUS while Nokia is not going to inflate the trial and plans to resolve the issue peacefully traditional licensing.

Journalists The Inquirer asked for comments on the ASUS, but the representative of the Taiwanese company has refused to talk about it.

Google Nexus 7 is the first to market with 7-inch tablet with a four-core processor on the Board, in this case it is NVIDIA Tegra 3. In addition, the device uses high-quality display with IPS-matrix and a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Also, the device is running the Latest Google OS, Android Jelly Bean v4.1. The Cost of the device depending on the amount of Flash memory Ranges from $ 200 to $ 250.


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