Nokia: If Windows Phone 8 will not fly, we have a backup plan

Nokia has a backup plan in case the new mobile platform Windows Phone 8 fails to catch on, and improve financial performance. At least in this community have tried to convince the chairman of the board of directors of Nokia Risto Siilasmaa, reports Electronista . He declined to give details of the “plan” and instead said that the Windows Phone 8 is sure to become successful.

According to Risto, Nokia thoroughly explored all possible options for change as the main Symbian smartphone platform, and came to the conclusion that the best fit for this system is Microsoft. Such steps are necessary after 2008 with Symbian began to lose market share. The system could not satisfy the growing needs of users associated with the development of mobile internet and social networks.

Despite the optimism Risto Siilasma and Stephen Elop CEO of Nokia, the company’s shares continue to fall, from the beginning of the year the cost has dropped from $ 5.14 per share to $ 2.07. To date, Nokia’s capitalization was $ 7.68 billion, while a year earlier it was more than $ 23 billion


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