Nokia Lumia 920 preorder

If it was overpriced the 679 euro price of the iPhone 5, hold on because the cost of the next top model of Nokia with Windows Phone 8, follows that path. Over web, Nokia Lumia 920 preorder has begun and what’s special in that pre order is the price of this Windows phone which is around 650 euro.

Nokia Lumia 920 preorder

Yes these smartphones or small computers are small wonders miniature, but boy, the price for what it is (or should) be essentially like a ‘mobile’, we will have to pay a figure close to 700 euro.

But, if choice is for you, what you will choose Nokia and Apple in same price, then many of the people will go for Apple iPhone 5 rather than Nokia Lumia 920 if the price is almost same.

As we have mentioned Nokia Lumia 920 preorder has already started at the price of 650 euro but it will come in late October-early November after the presentation of the operating system.

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