Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone a hit: Review & Specs

A little heavy and with imposing dimensions, the new Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920 catches up with good overall performance and comfort of use. It ends by convincing skills in photo and video.

Despite its imposing size, the new Windows Phone, champion of the photo in low light, impresses with its performance.

Lumia 920

The promise

Richly equipped, the Nokia Lumia 920 is intended to spearhead the new Windows Phone 8, available since the beginning of this month. Announced by the Finnish manufacturer model as the most innovative in the world, particularly Lumia is a champion of the photo and video. This unit has strengths needed to succeed as the best Windows Phone and the time that it is facing the competition? Here are the results….


Lumia 920

No real surprise from Nokia in terms of design. Nokia Lumia 920 looks like its predecessor, the Lumia 900. With a bigger screen – 4.5 inches (11.4 cm diagonal) against 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) – it takes at passage 2 mm in width, but slightly finesse wins (10.7 mm against 11.5 mm). Enthusiasts iPhone 5, ultrathin, lightweight and very long, go your way! Accusing a weight of 185 g, the Nokia Lumia 920 offers a neat piece shell with its polycarbonate (plastic with a high impact strength and heat), but does not discreet pocket. It is also difficult to use with one hand.
High Definition Screen and comfortable memory

The large screen of the Nokia Lumia 920 using AMOLED technology, abandons its predecessor in favor of IPS technology with wide viewing angles. The display loses contrast, but it is still very acceptable (1000:1) and gaining brightness (400 cd / m²). In a high-definition (1280 x 768 pixels), its display quality is as good as that of its competitor Windows Phone HTX 8X. Operating with a micro-SIM, the Lumia has a standard connector and limited to micro USB and a 3.5 mm jack. The generous internal memory of 32 GB (a little over 29 GB available to the user) is not scalable – in the absence of MicroSD card reader (although this type of equipment is now possible on the new Windows phone). However, users may store in the cloud (SkyDrive) up to 7 GB of files.
Very pleasant to use and autonomy acceptable

Lumia 920

Found on the Nokia Lumia 920 the same processor Qualcomm recent (a dual core 1.5 GHz) coupled with 1 GB of RAM on the HTC 8X. The rise of the new Windows Phone 8 is felt especially in areas such as video games, resources. Regarding the navigation menus, old models in version 7.5 of the mobile operating system from Microsoft we had already convinced. Fluidity is absolute screen reactive desire for comfort use really appreciable. New interface of Windows Phone 8 is very close to the old one, with enhanced customization. The famous dynamic thumbnails can be resized. In terms of battery, the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone carrying a strong battery 2000 mAh battery for better surfing on 3G (5 hours) and video playback (6 h 30) that the 8X, but less well in calls (9 h 28). These results remain modest in the face of competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but sufficient to pass the course of the day.
Photo as gifted in video

Featuring an 8.7 megapixel sensor, the Nokia Lumia 920 impresses with photo and more video. Boarding house technology PureView is the undisputed champion of successful shots in low light. The photographs are certainly noisier than those produced in full light, but the result is stunning. However, with sufficient light, the iPhone 5 offers, we believe, an image with more dive therefore more flattering. With few applications, Nokia complete the whole as Creative Studio to retouch your photos or Panorama views of together. Finally, only smartphone currently equipped with a stabilizer like compact cameras, the Nokia Lumia 920 can produce superb high-definition video (up to 1080p). Good news also, the video player plays most formats files (MP4, WMV9, DivX, Xvid or MKV) up to 1080p. Finally, like all Windows Phone 8, it is possible to transfer files to and from the PC directly via USB cable.
Useful functions and original

Like all Lumia, the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the only Windows Phone 8 equipped for the GPS, navigation software with voice guidance, a strong point for motorists. But this new innovative smartphone to other members of this tribe with some original features such as wireless charging. Nokia sells Indeed, three accessories of 70 to 90 euros, which is connected to the mains and which consist of an induction plate on which it is enough to put its mobile to recharge. Practice but a little expensive. Finally, the Nokia Lumia 920 has a touch screen that can be used with gloves. It is not silly, with the coming winter.

The verdict

Despite a heavy weight and impressive dimensions, which may put off, but Nokia Lumia 920 proves an excellent smartphone. Abilities in photo – especially in low light – and video prove simply spectacular and some original features embellish all. The worthy representative of the new Windows Phone 8!

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