Nokia Phi and Nokia Arrow coming this September

Nokia Phi and Nokia Arrow, two of the new Lumia Windows Phone 8, would be chosen for the presentation of the operating system in the Microsoft and Nokia conference scheduled for September 5 in New York.

Nokia Phi

We mentioned that speculations about the first Nokia with Windows Phone 8 would increase as they approached the Nokia World.

The latest rumour comes from The Verge and speaks of a smartphone internally called Nokia Phi that we already knew. A high-end polycarbonate chassis and a curved glass AMOLED display of 4.7 inches, with dual-core Qualcomm chip and would become the successor to the Lumia WP8 800-900.

The second, codenamed Nokia Arrow, that would be a mid-range smartphone which fewer details are known. The operator AT & T would pull the carriage of these Lumia in the U.S. as it did with the 900 but Verizon quoted with a variant called ‘Atlas’.

It is short and we look forward to official information. Also they finish these models reach the market as an alternative, always good for the consumer and RIM in the doldrums, the only people who seem able to give shade for iPhone and Androids. As per the revealed information these Nokia Phi and Nokia Arrow windows phone 8 running smartphone will be presented, so stay tuned for more updates.

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