Nokia Phi, the first Windows Phone 8 with dual-core chip

The other day we showed you the first image of a prototype of the first smartphone from Nokia that makes use of Windows Phone 8. In fact as we have announced today will be the first smartphone market not only the first of Nokia.

Nokia Phi

Codenamed Nokia Phi, the smartphone SoC integrates a Qualcomm dual-core, support for microSD and NFC connectivity in addition to the new Windows Phone 8 which makes up in features most traditional operating systems on the market as IOS or Android.

Nokia has leaked that not only prepares a smartphone, but three smarpthones, will be released at Nokia World 2012 -5 September-at the hands of Stephen Elop. The aesthetic design of Nokia Phi follows the lines of popular Lumia 800/900, but look physically Lumia a Nokia 900 with curved glass Gorilla Glass Lumia original Nokia 800.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Nokia Phi.

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