Nokia: PureView – this is a common performance of the camera, not the number of megapixels| Lumia 920

It is expected that on September 5, Nokia will hold an event in which will be the new Lumia 920 smartphone, running the operating system Windows Phone 8 announced. According to the available information, this new product will be presented as part of the brand PureView, as the device Nokia PureView 808 improvement.

Nokia PureView Lumia 910 Windows Phone 8 camera
However, in contrast to the model PureView 808 running Symbian, Smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 will not be equipped with 41-megapixel sensor, which raises questions about the appropriateness of the brand PureView a new device. A representative of Nokia Damian Dinning in a series of posts on the social network Twitter has shared some information regarding the application of the model brand PureView Lumia 920. So, the brand reflects the overall performance of the camera, including its optical subsystem, a graphics processor, software, and not just the number of megapixels the sensor.

Thus, it is expected that the new smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 gives the user greater functionality associated with the camera, as well as provide high quality images. However, the list of these features has not yet been disclosed.

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