Nokia Purity Pro Wireless, NFC and Bluetooth headsets of Monster Beats

Nokia does not just sell phones, also has a complete line of accessories and also hopes that its first steps in tablets with the arrival of Windows 8 RT. Last year, the Finnish company partnered with Monster Beats headphones to launch HD Purity and today we showing you Nokia Purity Pro Wireless.

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless

If we talk about the price of this Nokia Purity Pro Wireless headphone then without any doubt we can say they have a high price, as it got the price tag of 299 euros, and we talk about high-end headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, possibility of pairing via NFC and comes in a line of bright colors: white, black, yellow and red.

This Nokia Purity Pro Wireless are headphones with active system noise cancelling Monster active noise shielding what promises to improve the final quality of external audio. Well no doubt these high end and costly headphones are massive, soon we will come with the complete review of this Nokia Purity Pro Wireless headphones so stay tuned for more updates.

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