Nokia: we create devices for Windows Phone, others are re-branding

Recently, the HTC Company introduced its new smartphones based on Windows Phone 8: that are HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S. These are interesting product, with bright colors and the mixed reaction of the public. In addition, there was also a reaction from the other participants in the mobile market. In this case, noted by Nokia.

Windows Phone


In particular, the head of the marketing department of Nokia, Chris Weber commented to journalists of The Verge, situation in the market of Windows Phone is very unusual. According to him, for a Nokia Windows Phone platform is the main. The Company is not distracted by other products and creates its solutions initially focused on the operating system of Microsoft. In turn, others prefer to rebranding, said Weber.
By rebranding Weber clearly involves working with Windows Phone as a residual, when the device is initially created for one platform, such as Android, and then adapted to the others. In the case of the HTC smartphone Windows Phone 8X has characteristics like HTC One X.

Weber’s remark holds true for the new smartphones of the company: Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. As for the Lumia 800, this smartphone is clearly placed on the Meego-based devices Nokia N9.

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