NPD: Apple begins production of mini iPad

NPD DisplaySearch advances the start of production of the mini iPad in the month of August, adding to the wealth of information, speculation and rumors that are safe for the arrival of an Apple tablet of smaller size and price.

mini iPad Apple

Fighting the flood of cheap 7 inch tablet with Android (especially the Nexus 7) and maintain dominance in the sector would be its goal. There are also risks. One clear cut margins and one probably since the mini iPad could be the main rival to their own iPads.

Not to mention the unfortunate Steve Jobs will be removed from the grave and did not want to see and paint a model like this. Another consequence if it ends up this model is the change in strategy by Apple. We do not remember the company has lowered the level and price of any product in the past decade, forced by competition from third parties.

We’ll see but it looks like their marketing this fall. Their characteristics know too well: screen 7 to 8 inches with design similar to the new iPad, 8 GB of internal memory for the basic version, IOS 6 and a selling price between 250 and 350 dollars.

What you think? Would you buy you the mini iPad?

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