Office 15 becomes more intuitive: Review and Features

Thumbnail preview next in PowerPoint, PDF viewer in Word and other blockages automatic e-mails in Outlook critics are among the improvements in new Office.

Office 15

Just unveiled by Microsoft, the next Office suite 15 is controlled in touch, interact with employees and, especially, makes it more intuitive functions that already existed in Word, Excel, and others. The interface initially, is even more refined. You can hide the banner, does that make it appear when you click on a title heading. On the shelves, a menu called “radial” is a wheel that serves mainly as an overlay formatting typographic elements.

Draw in a presentation

Office 15

PowerPoint 2013 is the application of Office that grows the most. Like its competitor from Apple Keynote, the product finally appears on the presenter’s screen a miniature of the following sticker and even a timer to avoid exceeding the allotted time. It may also, in the case of a tablet, draw annotations during the presentation, to surround, underline, cross out items. In the case of a shared presentation online, the video content is finally released.

Prevent e-mails from critics

In Outlook 2013, it saves space on the screen. Headings (e-mail, calendar, contacts …) are indicated on a thin strip on the left and the basic functions (reply, forward, delete …) on a thin strip on the right. Server side, now will prevent Exchange Outllook send an email that contains critical information like a credit card number for example. For now, Outlook 2013 does not verify that the body of the email. In final form, it will also check the contents of attachments. Criticality information is defined by the manager of the company.

More automatic filling in the tables

Office 15

For its part, Word 2013 finally opened the PDF, knows even copy and paste snippets to other files. The word processor also creates a way to book, or you turn the pages to the left or right. In Excel 2013, you fly in real time all possible graphs for a list of values selected. The spreadsheet also offers cross alone tables and columns automatically fill when it comes to decline an existing content. For example, it will create a column of names and surnames of another from a column containing full names in the same cell.
Microsoft has released a video that summarizes the main new features of Office 15.

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