Official Windows 8 Boxes Unmasked

The British division of Amazon, has listed some of the versions of Windows 8, showing the boxes and box-art of them as well as confirmation of a retail version in hardware.

Windows 8 Pro

Among the issues listed can find Windows 8 Pro Pack, Update standard version to the Pro W8, Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Pro N, the regional version of the operating system.

In addition to packaging, Amazon confirms that yes there will be physical retail version discarding previous rumors to the contrary and that its cancellation betting spoke exclusively by digital download.

Windows 8 Pro

Amazon has not shown a single price which seems to indicate that Microsoft has embargoed the information until the official announcement on October 25. Takes as top the $ 188 in volume license Windows 8 Pro, this was all regarding the upcoming Microsoft Windows 2012, lets wait for 25th October when all of this information will be official.

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