ONE FOR ALL SV 2020 and SV 2010 PLC adapters: Review & Specs

The Powerline adapter One For All SV 2020 is quickly and easily transforms the electrical system of a house in a secure network of 500 Mbits.


One For All offers two PLC adapters 200 and 500 Mbits to turn your electrical installation of secure broadband network.

Known for its extensive catalog of universal remotes, One For All is a bit less for Additional accessories such as these two PLC adapters ONE FOR ALL SV 2020 and SV 2010. Enclosures are toddlers, but without electrical outlet to another device.

Model, two versions: 200 and 500 Mbits

Both adapters ONE FOR ALL SV 2020 and SV 2010 are identical in all respects except for the speed and price. 500 Mbit / s theoretical and 80 euros for the kit ONE FOR ALL SV 2020, 200 Mbit / s for SV 2010 (70 euros for two boxes). Their function remains the same: connect the various multimedia devices scattered around the house within a network using the electrical wiring of the house.

A network cable, an electrical outlet: it is connected!

To enjoy all multimedia devices scattered throughout the house (Smart TV, DVD / Blu-ray Box Internet, computers, game consoles, etc..), Simply connect each adapter to a using a network cable and plug the adapter into the outlet nearest you. Communication is established automatically without any configuration adapters. Network security is provided by 128-bit AES encryption that simply activate by pressing a button on the adapter. Regarding power consumption of ONE FOR ALL SV 2020 and SV 2010, the manufacturer announced less than 0.5 watts in standby and less 2.5 watts in operation. Both kits are already available.
+Ease of use
+Secure network
+Attractive price

-The lack of outlet

This was all about one of the best PLC kits available in the market ONE FOR ALL SV 2020 and SV 2010.

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