Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 Bluetooth Speakers: Complete Review & Specs

The Bluetooth speaker Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 is illustrated by an audio broadcasting the original 360-degree sound. The disadvantage of this model is only one that it has no internal battery.

Onkyo iLunar RBX-500

Moreover, this Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 Wireless speaker and dock for iPhone, iLunar RBX-500 system is illustrated by the 6.1 audio broadcasting to 360 degrees.

The Japanese manufacturer Onkyo launches iLunar RBX-500, a wireless speaker technology coupled with a Bluetooth Dock for iPhone and iPod.

Six speakers and a subwoofer

Onkyo iLunar RBX-500

Feature of this elegant cylindrical Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 available in white or black: it incorporates a 6.1 audio system combined with a digital sound processing in “3D”. The iLunar RBX-500 includes six speakers medium 5 cm and a woofer of 10 cm for a total power of 40 watts RMS (6 x 5 w + 10 w). The particular arrangement of loudspeakers around the perimeter of the enclosure and the base allows a diffusion of the 360 degree sound with enhanced bass.

Bluetooth but no AirPlay

Onkyo iLunar RBX-500

The Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 is not compatible with Apple AirPlay technology, only with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. The latter allows streaming music from any tablets, notebooks, PCs or smartphones Bluetooth. Thanks to the docking connector located at the top of the enclosure, the module broadcasts the music from your iPhone or iPod while recharging. Note that it is also possible to recharge the battery of Bluetooth devices connected through the USB enclosure.

Sedentary lack of battery

The enclosure itself has no internal battery allowing it to operate in standalone mode. It is accompanied by a remote control total control (volume, forward, rewind, play, pause, mute, playback mode, source selection, A / M, etc..).

Onkyo iLunar RBX-500

The Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 is priced at 349 euros.

+6.1 audio system
+Its distributed to 360 degrees
+Subwoofer integrated
+Bluetooth and docking station

-No internal battery
-High price

This was about the Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 6.1 Bluetooth speakers which promising the dock for an iPhone as well.

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