Online Photo Editing PicMonkey, Picnik and Picozu Comparison

There are several online photo editing softwares in the market. Recently, I tried PicMonkey which is worth writing a note about for its good photo editing effects. Worth noting here that some of the image effects are only available to premium customers.

Here are some pros and cons of 3 photo editing softwares:

Picozu is also web-based image editor which is fast and has a good UI. Picnik offers another interesting feature for multiple photo edits. You can search for Maria Sharapova in google and instead of clicking on every thumbnail, follow these 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to browser address bar and copy the URL of the Google Image Search page
Step 2: Paste the URL into Picnik. It will automatically fetch all pictures that appeared in Google Image search results.

What is interesting is, it will fetch the actual / original images not the not resized thumbnails. You can now edit them or share them via email using Picnik tools.

To edit a single picture in Picnik you can copy-paste the URL of the picture and the software will fetch it from the source location for you to edit.

Both Picozu and PicMonkey can be used to edit your existing images, however,  Picozu also lets you create new images. Picozu is written in pure HTML5 and CSS3. It does not require Flash or other plugins.

Both work similarly: You upload load images from your computer to edit. You can also import photos from your other cloud-based accounts like SkyDrive, Google Drive, Facebook or Dropbox. Another useful feature in Picozu is to capture images direclty using your webcam. There is feature in Picozu for creating photo collages and posters.

You can use the usual tools and brushes to manually edit your photos. In Picozu you have layer-based editing seen in high end editing softwares like Photoshop. There are several filters and image-effects that can be used to to give your photos a look that you want.

Firefox add on can be used for screen capture and to import into Picozu for editing. So fundamentally, all three web-based photo editing softwares are quite good: PicMonkey, Picnik and Picozu.

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