Optical drives for ultrabooks, 3.7 mm thinner

Taiwan manufacturers have now developed a new optical drive for CDs and DVDs -lector/grabador – that has been designed keeping in mind to the handle ultrabooks thicknesses, i.e. moves from traditional 12.7mm thickness to portable units at 9 millimeters.

optical drives for ultrabooks

If we talk about the history, remember the massive use of diskettes popular in the decade of 80-90, as standard external storage in computers or software distribution format or video games.

The arrival of the CD which just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary marked a revolution in several industry sectors including information storage and after the arrival of CD-ROM specification.

The CD-ROM evolved into recordable and rewritable CD (CD-R/CD-RW), then to DVD, and in recent times the high-definition optical formats, especially Blu-ray from Sony, winner of the ‘war for high definition’.

Despite its high capacity and potential the format has gone unnoticed by the computer equipment for the high price of the supports. The rise of cloud storage, music services, film and entertainment content streaming and digital distribution of operating systems, applications and games, have come to wipe out the format.

The straw for these optical drives (ODD) has come from the industry trend to ultrathin designs, especially in the most advanced laptops, ultrabooks, which most models do not include these units.

Any manufacturer, as relevant in today’s industry Apple is committed to its withdrawal even from their desktops. HP has also included optical drive in models ‘all in one’, for example, Spectre One.

Therefore, Taiwanese manufacturers have developed an internal optical drive with thickness reduced from 12.7 to 9 millimeters thick so it can be included in the Ultrabook. So, this Optical drives for ultrabooks will be special and costly of course.

Something similar to what was done by hard drive manufacturers to compete with SSD based on new models of 5 millimeters.

The new 9 mm Optical drives for ultrabooks will be available in 2013 and can be useful in various scenarios, such as in professional settings and for playing multimedia content o existing hardware. In any case, it will be difficult to extend massively.

This was all regarding upcoming ultrathin Optical drives for ultrabooks, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this storage and optical media devices.

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