Orange Intel AZ210 affordable smartphone: Review, Specs & Features

Since June 2012, Orange is selling exclusively the first smartphone based on Android platform for Intel’s Medfield. Consists of an Atom processor and a 3G + module, it comes compete with ARM processors typically found in smartphones. To ensure the promotion of its system, the foundry was then transformed into mobile manufacturer and has entrusted the sale of its new aircraft to the incumbent. This new smartphone is Orange Intel AZ210 which is also known as Orange Intel Inside AZ210 or Orange AZ210. Below the review of Orange Intel AZ210 smartphone is mentioned which will guide you through.

Reality of Orange Intel AZ210:

Orange Intel AZ210

With this first model, Intel enters the smartphone market by the back door. The unit has a solid equipment but does not tickle on top models like the Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC X One. Note that the platform of the manufacturer will not support multi-core processors in 2013. The Orange ranks with Intel inside rather than in the midrange segment.

Orange Intel AZ210

A non-expandable memory and a little cramped screen in Orange Intel AZ210:

With dimensions close to those of the Galaxy SII and a case reminiscent of the iPhone 4S, the smartphone Orange Intel AZ210, does not play the card of originality in design. Remains satisfactory finish with a black soft-touch back, one way plastic strapping brushed metal and glass facade. Only regret, the Orange Intel AZ210 displays only a 4-inch screen where the Galaxy SII offers 4.3 inches. The touch-sensitive menu on the screen monopolizes, indeed, an oversized space. The connectivity of the Orange Intel AZ210 is standard, includes a microphone port-HDMI easily stream their media on a TV via an optional cable. It is rare enough on single processor smartphones to be welcomed. However, the internal memory of 16 GB – of which only 12.5 GB dedicated to personal storage – cannot be extended as there is no memory card reader.

Comfortable use even a processor that heats

Powerful Atom processor at 1.6 GHz is more than enough for comfortable use of the smartphone. The 1080p HD video playback stutters do not, including a TV connected via HDMI. Video capture, quality very respectable, reached a HD 720p. Finally, the menu navigation quick turns. Only the web browser sins by its lack of fluidity. Planned during the summer, the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, should correct the problem. For now, the AZ210 works with Gingerbread (2.3.7), a system that is getting old. Finally, the smartphone is pretty run games such developed Asphalt 6, proposed trial. It does not however abilities of four-core platforms. Moreover, the games most resource-intensive, type GTA III, are mostly not available in the Play Store for this smartphone. But the only real downside is that the unit heats when the processor is a bit overstretched.

Interface o Orange Intel AZ210 somewhat invasive

With a 1460 mAh battery, Orange Intel AZ210 book a proper autonomy over 3G: 9 hours talk time or around 5 hours surfing the Internet or video playback. Relatively bright and contrasting, the screen displays a high resolution of 600 x 1024 points. It shows reactive but since entering the Android virtual keyboard (or Swype) is difficult, especially in portrait mode, the screen is narrower than the average and the buttons too closely spaced. In photo mode, the Orange with Intel inside is no spark despite its 8 megapixel sensor with flash. Under good lighting conditions, but the photos are acceptable. Finally, the Orange overlay design and mainly a bit questionable charge brings a lot of applications … unfortunately often at the expense of options Android. The usual shortcut to the main parameters, a slip of the finger on the home screens, and disappears in favor of a less convenient widget orange. Last downside for those who fear the negative impact of waves: the SAR of mobile is four times higher than that of SII or SIII (1.4 W / kg).

The verdict

Without being brilliant, the Orange Intel AZ210 smartphone with Intel inside, the first model to work with an Atom chip, is rather successful. Mid-range, the device shows swift, proper autonomy, and its fairly standard design book a good finish. It is, however, can be obtained only through the Orange network (Sosh included), with, indeed, a substantial grant (from 1 euro).


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