OS X Mountain Lion is the most successful operating systems Apple – three million downloads in four days

Apple released the first results on the propagation velocity of its new operating system for PCs, OS X Mountain Lion, which was released last week. According to official data, during the first four days of sales has been downloaded three million copies, making it the most successful new product and quickly spread by Apple desktop OS in the history of the company.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion

It is worth mentioning a very democratic price of a new product is $20. In addition, three million downloads does not mean the same amount of sales. Having paid once, you can install any number of copies on a Mac to your account, Apple. In addition, some customers who have purchased a new Mac after June 11 this year, you can download OS X Mountain Lion in the free program Up-to-Date.
For comparison, last year after the release of OS X Mountain Lion, the company announced a million downloads of the OS for the day. Mountain Lion includes many new features not much in comparison with its predecessor and is more likely the evolutionary development of the branch. The operating system has more elements of the iOS (center notifications, notes, reminders, AirPlay Mirroring, Game Center) and many of them proved to be very useful by implementing tighter integration within the ecosystem of products Apple.


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