Ouya Android game console: in just $99 but powerful

Almost everyone loves to play games and now a day’s people are enjoying games in their smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. However with the new processors tablets are reaching the height of the home game console titles catalog. Recently, one game console was announced which is a just like Android running tablet but doesn’t have a display and have a new shape like a console. This new Android running device is Ouya Android Game console which will be sold for just $99 and contains powerful hardware.

Ouya Android game console

Who would not like to play games like AngryBirds, ShadowGun and the like with the whole Android experience in your HDTV? This Ouya Android Game console will really make your TV as Android T.V. in $99 this deal is best so far.

At present, it is just the beginning of revolution in Android game console. Later the difference will be noticed much in the next generation but it is also true that the power of these types of terminals is growing and some already are capable of being perfect environments media, this has been seen numerous companies that have supported Ouya confirming such famous games as Minecraft.

Funding has been granted by Kickstarter and with the speed with which they have achieved the goal seems that people are interested in the product, you can buy now on the website of Kickstarter, for a paltry price of $ 99.

The hardware of the Ouya Android game console is as follows:

• Quad-core processor NVIDIA Tegra-3.
• 1 GB of RAM.
• 8 GB of internal storage.
• HDMI supports HD video up to 1080p.
• WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth LE 4.0.
• 1 USB 2.0.
• Wireless Controller with standard controls (two sticks analog pad directional, eight action buttons, a button system) and a touch panel.
• Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thus Kickstarter has formed a console that stands out for money that gives us all the power and the best Android applications on a console table with high definition output.

Ouya Android game console

If this were not enough, software is marketed as a fully unlockable that will delight that hackers can do and undo at will as you want.

In our opinion, Ouya Android game console is a “multi-platform” that need not be dedicated solely to mobile phones but is also valid in televisions, notebook computers or consoles which shows its power and multi-user interface.

Although it seems that Android mobile operating systems are light years ahead of the “portable” consoles hardware evolution is obvious, and soon who knows TV and consoles are no longer two different things and all became part of a system portable entertainment half and half whole desktop.

So, what else you would need for your console, it is cheap, powerful and most important running on Android.

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