Overview Lenovo IdeaPad A2108 powerful tab but poor display: Review

Lenovo IdeaPad A2108 is armed with a Tegra 3 processor with four cores, this tablet of Lenovo has no direct competitor in the category of tablet format 9 inches. It is unfortunately disappointing with a screen, with limited viewing angles.

IdeaPad A2108
The promise

Lenovo tries to impress with its Lenovo IdeaPad A2108, a 9-inch tablet powerful and not too expensive, below €300. On paper, this is a good plan, with its strong chip quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 and Android 4 system.



Lenovo IdeaPad A2108 is protected by a plastic shell while design displays a very decent, but uninspiring. The overall finish is correct, but the touch screen seems very solid. Its protective coating is not as rigid as the shelves equipped with Gorilla Glass tiles. It bends too easily under the fingers. Finally, note that, in relation to its size 9 inches, this tablet felt a little heavy in hand, with 570 g.
The most powerful 9 inch tab

IdeaPad A2108

With a Tegra 3 processor with four cores, the Lenovo IdeaPad A2108 provides enough power to easily turn any application available for Android. The performance of the graphics chip, however, are a little off compared to last flea market, but suffice it to run 3D games like GTA III appropriately. Attention, HD (1280 points per 800) of the tablet may slightly hamper the velocity of the circuit graph in 3D games very greedy.
The Android system (4.0.4) of the tablet has a 3D interface fluid and responsive. Slate is, suddenly, pleasant to use. No jerks to report, not for surfing the Web, even for pages with Flash animations. As for the autonomy of the tablet, it is a good average more than 6 hours web browsing and 7 hours of video playback.
A TN screen with narrow viewing angles

The IdeaTab A2109 is equipped with an LCD display with digital TN (Twisted Nematic), the viewing angles are much narrower than those of an IPS (In-Plane Switching). This panel displays a definition of 1280 points per 800, very nice in this price category. Viewing angles are however disabling: it will hold the tablet in front of you and slightly tilted forward to get a good quality image. This defect decreases the comfort of use of slate, but is still quite discreet for this model. The backlight brightness is very average (258 cd / m²), insufficient for use in the sun. The contrast ratio of the panel, however, is quite good (1229:1).
Average multimedia
Multimedia features of this Lenovo IdeaPad A2108 tablet, nothing extraordinary. The quality of photos is just acceptable. The videos recorded by the tablet, for their part, are barely watchable due to a lack of fluidity (only 18 frames per second in 720p and 1080p 14). It’s a shame, because the colors and dynamic range captured images are suitable. The balance is happily satisfying read. The IdeaTab A2109 is capable of displaying any type of video up to 1080p, except Microsoft formats (WMV and WMA). The HDMI output of this tablet works perfectly, without loss of performance, but it is limited to 720p.
The verdict

The format of the 9-inch IdeaTab A2109 is a good compromise between the 7 and 10 inch tablets. Its processor provides enough power but its poor screen quality repels many. The price of 299 euros is a bit high, in our view. However, in the absence of a direct competitor, the tablet reveals a very honest business. This was all about the review of Lenovo IdeaPad A2108.

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