Overview LG Nexus 4 Smartphone: Review & Specs

Today we have brought you another review of smartphone LG Nexus 4 commercial version. This review will guide you through the pros, cons, features and specs.

LG Nexus 4

Ergonomics LG Nexus 4:


Only one unpleasant feature of the case is the crackle of the camera when pressed. This means that the experience at the rapid emergence of a web of scratches on the back. No doubt this phone is receiving a huge demand. The only disadvantage found in it body that you can easily detect the crackle of the housing to the right of the camera.


Interface and Software of LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 is one of the first devices come with firmware version (build number) JVP15Q. It lacks the ability to install widgets on the lock screen, call the additional menu of the “notification bar” with two fingers, and so on. Connecting to the access point to the Internet, via mobile or Wi-Fi network, you will be prompted to download the update in the amount of 39 MB, after installation, Software of LG Nexus 4 acquire all abilities, including the photosphere inherent Android 4.2.



The hardware platform of LG Nexus 4


As you probably know, LG Nexus 4 is one of the most powerful devices. It established a system-on-chip of families Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro, which has integrated the four cores on the architecture Krait, each at 1.5 GHz, Adreno 320 graphics, 2GB of RAM, and support for all frequency bands, including the network The fourth generation – LTE. Lovers of CDMA-networks, among which will have to wait for the appropriate version.



Speaking about the results of performance in popular benchmarks, LG Nexus 4 shows good results, but they are somehow less than those of the LG Optimus G, Asus Padfone 2, HTC DNA – smartphones running on the same SoC. Whatever it was, but the performance of these devices should be enough to solve any problems for at least the next couple of years.
At full load, such as in the application Antutu Tester, battery life is disappearing faster than a minute, and the temperature reaches 57 C º.
There is nothing surprising in the fact that the glass is located on the back of the LG Nexus 4 smartphone, it is enough to get out into the frosty air, after half an hour of games or GPS-navigation. To avoid this fate, we advise to be more careful, and even better, to limit the maximum frequency of the processor. This will increase the time and reduce the chance of critical heat accumulator. It is not known whether the developers will be able to get rid of this problem in the future, but most of the time to worry about. When watching movies or web surfing, video calls in Skype, the battery temperature is below 40 C º.


In standby mode, without connecting to Wi-Fi, the LG Nexus 4 smartphone does not consume battery power. In a typical operation – conversations, social networks, automatic synchronization, 3G, Wi-Fi, a few photos, the device is able to work for two days.


Results of LG Nexus 4

At the moment, LG Nexus 4 definitely is not the best device for games, even with a powerful hardware platform, but everything else, it shows excellent results. First of all it concerns the implementation of telephony features – volume of speakers, signal reception, the phone book, they performed at a high level. Of course, we see not just a phone, a smartphone, which has many other functions in addition to a call and sending messages. Here the most important benefit is the latest version of the Android operating system and the ecosystem, which includes the largest application store to satisfy every taste. Among the technical features of LG Nexus 4, 4.7″ screen, made by technology True HD IPS Plus with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels, 8-megapixel camera capable of doing pretty decent photos, including low light and, of course, the body materials. But all of this, perhaps with the exception of the operating system, pales against the possibility of recommending prices in different countries. If you have the opportunity to buy LG Nexus 4 directly through the store Google Play, you will not find a better offer.
+ Housing Materials
+ Availability of oleophobic coating on the protective glass
+ Hardware platform
+ Display
+ Speaker Volume
+ Network Reception
+ Cost on Google Play
+ Work on the latest version of Android OS
– recommended price without the offer of Google Play
– Heating
– Quick discharge of the battery at full load
– The amount of internal storage


This was all regarding the LG Nexus 4 smartphone which is one of the most powerful smartphones, no doubt.

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