Overview of Canon Selphy CP900 photo printer: Review & Specs

The Wi-Fi interface allows the Canon Selphy CP900 photo printing 10 x 15 from a smartphone or tablet. The prints have a lab quality but their price is really too high.

Selphy CP900
The promise

Canon Selphy CP900 is the newest photo printers. Furthermore, its technology thermal transfer printing, known for producing lab quality prints but particularly expensive Selphy CP900 is the also distinguished by its Wi-Fi interface allowing printing from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The easiest way to use the Canon Selphy CP900 is to insert a SD / MMC card or USB key and select the photo to be printed on a color display. It can also connect to a PictBridge camera and select the photo to print on it. Also, it can be operated with a Wi-Fi laptop, smartphone or tablet and this in two ways. One uses local Wi-Fi network in the house (infrastructure mode) and requires the installation of an app free (Canon Easy Photo Print) on the smartphone or tablet to access to the printer. Although the manufacturer has suggested App on both systems iOS and Android. The other (ad hoc mode) to connect the printer directly to another Wi-Fi device without a network. This is the Wi-Fi Direct Mode Just activate it from the smartphone or tablet. And on a laptop, go into the Network and Sharing Center menu and activate the connection. Selphy CP900 is recognized as any other printer. But be careful with this type of connection for all smartphones do not have the feature Wi-Fi Direct. The Nexus S, for example, does not have. One advice is: check your device before investing in this printer.

A printer is easy to install and use

No problems to start the machine Canon Selphy CP900. Simply insert the cartridge containing the transfer ribbon (ink) into the slot on the right side of the machine and insert the cassette containing the photo paper in one on the front.

The menu navigation has been simplified to the extreme, with a menu button to access the main functions of the printer layout (contact sheet, mosaic), the number of images per sheet (1, 2, 4 or 8) and effects (sepia, B & W, slide, etc..) to apply. Some editing options are provided: red-eye removal, automatic correction, cropping images … options are obviously many more with a computer via software suite supplied Canon Image Browser EX. It allows to “extract” and print pictures from movies and video files to HD MOV, AVI, and MP4. Following Canon also simplifies the management of images stored on the computer classifying them by type, date, theme, quality, etc. Regarding the printing from a smartphone or a tablet, we regret that the application installed on these free does not allow editing or previewing what is actually printed. We can only choose the file and the desired amount.


The price of immediacy

The print quality of Canon Selphy CP900 is excellent, at the online digital labs. One big problem: the quality costs up to five times more expensive. While the average price of a photo lab printer is between 5 and 10 cents (depending on quantity) than our house back to draw more than 33 cents each (with pack 108 photos KP-108IN). The fault lies in the package price ink / special paper (12 €, 29 € and 35 € respectively for 36, 72 and 108 photos 10 x 15 cm). This is the price of immediacy: Photos are available at all away, anywhere, at home, with our friends, on holiday … With optional cassette, the Selphy can also print business cards (86 x 54 mm), stickers (50 x 50 mm) mini-stickers (22 x 17 mm) and photographs (35 x 45 mm).

Regarding speed, we must wait 1 min 15 for a print 10 x 15 and not 47 seconds as indicated by the manufacturer.


A battery that triples the price of the device!

Because of its small size, the Selphy CP900 is easily transportable in a small bag or a travel bag. Some will be so tempted by the optional battery that will allow its use on excursions. Please note that the solution costs an arm and head. Rechargeable Battery NB-CP2L back to one hundred euros … and requires an adapter / charger Special (CG-CP200) also worth a hundred euros, or about € 200 to spend in the end. It is essential to charge the battery and allow its insertion in the back of the printer.

The verdict

With Wi-Fi, the Canon Selphy CP900 is not just a photo printer 10 x 15 making good pictures through sublimation. It is also a perfect companion for a smartphone or tablet. But the photos are expensive. The price of the optional battery and charger special, it is frankly delusional. This was all regarding one of the best photo printers Canon Selphy CP900.

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