Overview of HTC Desire SV Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

The outgoing year was marked not only for the transition of all smartphone manufacturers to use multi-core processors and displays with HD-resolution, and the increasing popularity of devices with support for two SIM-cards. According to survey, one in five smartphone has two slots for SIM. There is nothing surprising in the fact that all self-respecting manufacturers consider his duty to have in its portfolio a number of similar models. When HTC introduced its first smartphone dual SIM Desire V, they stated that this is the first and last experience in this segment. After just three months, here we are back with the new dual-SIM HTC smartphone, but in this case it is not Desire V, but its big brother HTC Desire SV – with dual-core processor, 8 MP camera and a display with a diagonal of 4.3″, in general, all that was missing in its predecessor.


Design and Ergonomics of HTC Desire SV:

HTC Desire SV

Officially in many of the countries, HTC Desire SV is available only in black, but in other countries there is another, more “fun” color – orange.
Design of HTC Desire SV cannot be called memorable. It has rounded corners, tapered side portion and a convex back of the housing. Perhaps for the same reason described before this section, but with a relatively light touch on the screen. Determining the type of material covering the front panel, it is not possible, but according to the press release, the smartphone uses tempered glass Gorilla Glass 2. Above we see a large slot for a speaker with five additional grooves inscribed with the event indicator and light sensor and proximity. Below them is the display with a diagonal of 4.3″, and below that – three touch buttons -” Back “,” Home “and” Manager of running applications. “Enough space between the keys to use them blindly, without fear of hurt next.


On the left side of HTC Desire SV there is nothing. On the right is the volume rocker. It practically does not act on the body, but by deepening in the center, to find it is not difficult.

At the bottom there is Micro-USB-connector and the microphone. At the top are the headphone jack and power button. The latter is in line with the body, which is why it has to look at random, which does not add to the convenience of ergonomics.
All hardware keys and connectors are located on the plastic graphite. Removable back panel is made of soft-touch-plastic. Above arethe LED flash and lens 8 MP camera. In the center the manufacturer’s logo is present. Below – Beats Audio logo and many holes of multimedia speaker.
To remove the cover in HTC Desire SV, there are no separate recesses. After removing the cover, open access to the slots for a micro SIM-card and MicroSD. Buying HTC Desire SV should be prepared for the fact that the need to cut SIM-card, or to a service center to replace the current operators in the new format micro SIM. Here also is the battery capacity of 1620 mA / h, which by today’s standards, especially considering the support of two SIM-cards, looks quite small, and even more surprising against the predecessor, which uses the battery capacity of 1650 mA / h.


HTC Desire SV Interface and Software

The smartphone HTC Desire SV is working on operating system Android 4.0.4 with a proprietary interface HTC Sense 4.1. Visual differences between HTC Sense 4.1 on HTC Sense 4.0 is not present, all the changes are reduced to optimization, is a more smooth operation interface.


As is the case with the HTC Desire V simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards is available only in standby mode. When using the SIM-card in the first slot (it supports UMTS-network) to access the Internet, the second SIM is available for calls and messages, but when a call comes in Internet traffic in the first SIM interrupted.

HTC Desire SV
The connection quality is not satisfactory, the earpiece is loud, good buddy heard even in noisy environments. Vibrating alert is average; you can hardly hear it in your jacket pocket. But the volume of multimedia speaker is enough not to miss a call. Thanks to a motion sensor, to reduce the volume for an incoming call is enough to take the smartphone in your hand, and then it will automatically be reduced to a minimum.
Volume of the headphones of HTC Desire SV is above average. In the player there is no choice for equalizer, only the inclusion of Beats Audio, but the sound is issued with these settings like not everyone.


HTC Desire SV vs HTC Desire V:

Because the interface of both models does not carry any change, we now describe the differences between smartphones and the first of the current generation.

HTC Desire SV – has Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, and belongs to the line of Play. Processor MSM8225 performed on 45-nm process technology, and carries two gigahertz core architecture-based Cortex-A5, and graphics chip Adreno 203. It has 768 MB of RAM, which is 50% more than in the HTC Desire V.
The capacity of the current processor of HTC Desire SV enough for most tasks, including viewing HD-video, and test scores higher than those of HTC Desire V is two to three times.
The new smartphone has changed the 8MP camera resolution, and HTC took care of the quality of images, but with the video, the situation remains the same – a maximum resolution of 800×480 pixels.

HTC Desire SV


HTC’s managed to eliminate most of the shortcomings of the previous model, and they decided that this is enough to sell the new product for $ 100 more than its predecessor. How big is the consumer confidence in the brand to be seen? Apparently, the first model has excellent sales and people will not stop its shortcomings. On this basis, we can assume that history will repeat itself with the HTC Desire SV. In fact, there are practically no cons, except the quality of the recorded video, but how often do you use your smartphone for this purpose? Slightly disappoint display quality, but again, only if we talk about viewing angles, which is also not the most important criterion. As a result, to find significant deficiencies in HTC Desire SV we could not find.
+ Housing Materials
+ Increased RAM
+ Diagonal screen
+ Android 4.0
+ HTC Sense 4.1
+ Battery Life
+ Performance
+ Quality Photos
– Viewing angles
– Quality Video Recording
– No front camera

This was all regarding the HTC Desire SV smartphones and its review.

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