Overview of Merlin Netbook Dock: Review, Specs and Features

As we know while playing games our laptops get warmed but it is only good for winter as per the experience but in summers to keep something warm in your laps is not good. You would not feel of course good while keeping a warm laptop in your laps. Today, we have brought something which will make your netbook not even cool but more efficient even. We are talking about Merlin Netbook Dock which is a stand with active cooling for your netbook. So today in the fight against global warming, we consider a model of Merlin Netbook Dock, which also offers users a banal cooling netbooks built in optical drive, and a pocket for an optional hard disk.


Merlin Netbook Dock

Merlin Netbook Dock Stand comes in a small cardboard box with a list of technical specifications and marketing advantages.

The set of includes Merlin Netbook Dock a proper stand, mains charger (5V / 2A), cable, USB / mini-USB and optical drive with software. If desired, you can buy a set, complete with hard drive 320, 500 or 750 GB built-in Bluetooth-module.

The Merlin Netbook Dock stand is made of glossy white plastic, which does not collect fingerprints, but it quickly becomes covered with small scratches. Dimensions Merlin Netbook Dock constitutes 251x186x36 mm, weight in the configuration with no hard drive – 440 grams. On the design as such we are not talking, is a typical “Chinese” product with the appropriate build quality.

On the main panel is the lattice thermal fan outlet and added either for reasons of symmetry of the design, whether to unify with a more powerful version. A small slider that says PUSH is used to extract from the HDD bays allocated to it.

Merlin Netbook Dock

Clearly, the ability to connect the hard drive to a stand Merlin Netbook Dock is primarily interested in the owners of netbooks with hard drives of small volume. To increase the data storage can be used and the external HDD, but the acquisition of the “internal” 2.5-inch hard drive will be cheaper. There is a standard SATA-connector for the hard disk. During the first connection to a laptop, Windows 7 will install the necessary drivers, so that the supplied software CD is not handy.

On the right side wall of the stand is located writer optical drive TSST TS-L663C – another nice addition for those who for some reason still have to use optical discs.

The front face of the base contains ventilation holes and a couple of LEDs to indicate operation modes. Behind is another area of the perforation, as well as the charger jack, mini-USB port connector and two USB 2.0. The first two slots are used to supply the base (the fan drive, hard drive), and Merlin Netbook Dock is functioning normally, and from the power supply and connected to a netbook. A pair of USB 2.0 ports acts as a hub, but their work should take one of the USB-port cable netbook mini-USB/USB, so eventually you get just one extra-only USB.

Operation, efficiency

Merlin Netbook Dock connectors

Stands for laptops and netbooks are typically used for the strong cooling in the summer, or in order to improve ease of use. In the case of Merlin Netbook Dock in the first place there is functionality: optical drive, pocket drive, USB-hub, however, should not be underestimated and its priority responsibilities.

Let’s start with the ergonomics. Due to the fact that the base had to be a place not only for fans but for the hard disk drive optical disc of considerable thickness is 3.5 cm Consequently, the need to hold hands in the air, that not all and not always convenient. “Ergonomic” keyboard slope is present, but it is too small to significantly affect the fatigue of your wrists.

Merlin Netbook Dock

The area of the top of the Merlin Netbook Dock corresponds to the size 10-inch netbook, but quite common to 11.6-inch models will “hang” over the sidewalls of the base, which complicates the operation of the drive. Note also that regular use of USB-ports on the rear face of the base is also not too comfortable – the only advantage of this arrangement is that the wires will not be confused at hand.

Now a few words about the cooling capabilities of the Merlin Netbook Dock stand. First, the plastic housing slightly removes heat from the bottom of the netbook, an aluminium “work surface” would be much more effective. Second, a single 60-mm fan (2300 rpm, 25 dB max) is placed in the top left of the base and if your netbook processor is the case elsewhere, the fan will run almost dry.

In some test, with stand Merlin Netbook Dock and when the fan is switched off shows the result of the notebook 79 and 92 degrees respectively for a netbook. As you can see, the temperature in the operating mode has decreased by 5 degrees at the expense of the free access of air to the hot bottom of laptop, but under heavy load temperature reaches 92 degrees the same as the free base.

When fan option was used. The difference with the previous test is almost imperceptible degrees into one operation, but at full load the fan still does not heat up the laptop to the typical 92 degrees, stopping the curve of temperature by 86 degrees. Thus, radically cool your laptop with Merlin Netbook Dock fails, but the best of circumstances, can help a bit standard cooling system.


As a result, Merlin Netbook Dock stand is recommended to buy only those users who want to get a single accessory with a pocket for a hard disk drive and optical drives. As a cooling pad, this model is ineffective in terms of ergonomics, it is remarkable claim, well, hard drive and DVD-ROM drive for a netbook can be purchased separately.


+ Optical drive, a pocket for the HDD, a couple of extra USB-ports


– Design and workmanship on the background of the high cost

– Because of the thickness of the solid supports is inconvenient to keep its hands on the table

– Low efficiency of cooling

– No control of fan speed or the ability to turn it off


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