Overview of NEC EA224Wmi IPS monitor: Complete Review & Specs

NEC not only offers professional monitors, but also more affordable solutions for home and business users and here we have one of the best example NEC EA224Wmi monitor. It is the recently announced in the line of MultiSync, EA224Wmi model for IPS-matrix.


Design of NEC EA224Wmi

NEC EA224Wmi
Design of the NEC EA224Wmi is strict, perhaps even conservative, in the best tradition of NEC. No design frills, practical matt black plastic, and even the availability of LED-backlight, though reduced the thickness of the shell at the edges, but quite a bulge on the back panel is still there, making this model in size is not much different from using a CCFL- backlight.


Display keys in this NEC EA224Wmi model (the same as the power button), located in the lower right corner, with their relatively large – while other manufacturers cost five or even four, the NEC EA224Wmi as many as seven. To the left of the menu buttons are two-sensor lighting and the presence of a user to the monitor adjusts the brightness of the backlight.


Monitor NEC EA224Wmi body is massive, high-quality assembly – there is no fault with what. In contrast to the low-end models from other manufacturers, EA224Wmi sufficiently modest diagonal weighs as much as 6 kg, so that inadvertently move it will be very problematic. By the way, in order to facilitate the carrying on the top of a fairly comfortable groove – though in this model does not lock the stand, so it will have to hold, otherwise the weight of it will move apart the entire height of the foot.
Degree of freedom is enough in the stand – you can rotate the display around the vertical axis, tilt the screen, adjust the height above the surface of the table and transfer in vertical mode. Notably enough legs are comfortably designed that allows it to hide in the power cable and video cable.
The NEC EA224Wmi display provides an opportunity to mount on the wall (VESA 100×100), and all connectors are arranged so that the cables in that case did not prevent its installation. Of the video inputs are available DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub. Side of the rather strange-looking thickening (the impression that it was the last time had to “attach” to the already finished housing) has two USB 2.0 ports and a headphone output. In addition, this model has a built-in speaker 1 W each.

NEC EA224Wmi

Menu of NEC EA224Wmi:

The principle of constructing the menu at NEC EA224Wmi the same as in the above recently NEC P232W – Left / right user scrolls through the menu, presented in the form of a horizontal strip menu items with icons and using the up / down – the drop down list with the settings. However, it was purely visual noticeably “ennobled” by the use of translucency and a more modern design items. Like other monitors in this model is the “hot keys” that you can call some functions without accessing the menu – it is in the settings must be enabled hot key. In this case, the left / right adjust the brightness up / down – volume, Eco button switches the eco-mode (as with analog connection can also be used for activating the Auto Adjust function with a long press).


The first menu item in NEC EA224Wmi is rather surprisingly called Eco Tools and includes controls for brightness, contrast, and select one of the eco-modes and automatic brightness (or total shutdown). When activated, the eco-mode is limited to the ability to manually adjust the brightness (to 70% of the maximum value in mode 1, and 40% – in the mode 2), and mode “auto-brightness” available options automatically change this setting depending on the ambient light or on the size of the white area in the image. In the same menu, you can choose how to disable the monitor – video loss or “loss” of the user (in the second case is available as a complete shutdown and transition in economy mode), and adjust the work of human presence sensor. And the last item in the menu Eco Tools – DV Mode (Dynamic Visual). It contains six different preset picture modes (Standard, Movie, Gaming, etc.).


The next item on the menu of NEC EA224Wmi, Screen, contains picture settings for analog video (position and size of the image, auto-contrast, sharpness, etc.), and when connected to HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort is completely absent – following the Eco Tools in this case comes after item Color. Here, the user is given a choice of seven different color presets, three of which – sRGB, Native and DICOM Sim, cannot be adjusted (with the first all clear, Native mode displays the original color of the LCD panel, and DICOM Sim color temperature and gamma set to values corresponding to the standard visualization of medical images DICOM). Modes 1, 2, 3 and 5 are different in color temperature and allow you to manually adjust the red, green and blue separately.
From the Tools menu in NEC EA224Wmi, contains volume control built-in speakers, the choice of a sound source, a way to determine the video source, the brightness of power LED, and other tools.
The next item, Menu Tools, allows you to select the interface language, enable / disable the use of “hot keys”, display information about the signal of the sensor, or to save the current settings for a quick recovery in the future, etc.

NEC EA224Wmi
Eco Information displays information about the effectiveness of eco-mode, and the last points, which is simply called Information – Information about the current video signal, as well as the name of the monitor model and serial number.


Inside the NEC EA224Wmi:

In NEC EA224Wmi used IPS-matrix production LG diagonal 21.5″. Ratio of 16:9, the native “resolution – 1920×1080 pixels” (pixel size in this case is 0.25 mm). Claimed response time is quite large – 14 ms, but in reality what- a special blurring of moving objects could not be seen, this parameter, the model looks better than some other monitors with a more rapid response “on the passport.”
When you select Movie, Gaming and Photo paragraph DV Mode preset color switches to Native and change cannot be, otherwise the user is free to combine them as it pleases. After checking the entire presets mode Standard, observed several patterns. First, in all the color temperature presets slightly underestimated (~ 500K). Thus, in mode 1 (9300K) the actual temperature is near 8700K, in Mode 2 (8200K) – about 7600K, etc. No exception preset sRGB, where the real temperature was 6100K with “norm” 6500K. In Native mode, it dropped even lower, to the level of 5800K, which gave the picture is noticeably warm.
Brightness in NEC EA224Wmi gradually increases with each new mode in the menu (the order of 1, 2, 3, sRGB, 5, Native, DICOM Sim) – 95 cd / m ² in the first and up to 130 cd / m ² in DICOM Sim (Mode sRGB it was quite comfortable 118 cd / m ²). This is all measured by the brightness on display by default – the user can optionally edit them to your liking, good brightness control in this monitor is not locked in any mode.
Gamma value in all modes is average at 2.2, the curve was almost linear and gradually decreased from 2.3-2.4 in dark areas of the image to 2.1 in light. Color gamut almost completely covers the sRGB, with green and red areas, a fairly significant “overlap.”
Color accuracy, checked in Standard mode and color preset sRGB. Initially, the result was, frankly, not very encouraging, but after calibration (for it had to switch to a preset 3, since sRGB available Manual color) to image quality no complaints arise.


In NEC EA224Wmi applied matte finish screen, so that the crystalline effect is present and is well visible on plain fill. Viewing angles on this model – one of the best even for IPS-monitor, with deflection angles are close to the maximum, the brightness decreases rather moderate, almost no discoloration – in this respect NEC EA224Wmi definitely beats the low-end models from other manufacturers.

NEC EA224Wmi – a good IPS monitor for the home user that the image quality is more important than the main diagonal, and the body is primarily interested in the functionality of the base and build quality, not bright design. Unfortunately, traditional for the NEC monitor is not cheap, and for $ 300 is probably a user expects to see a model with a 23″, not 21.5″.



+ Very good image quality after calibration
+ build quality
+ Function Stand



– High cost

This was all regarding one of the good performing 21inches IPS monitor i.e. NEC EA224Wmi.

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