Overview of Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD: Review & Performance

With actual flows of 516.7 MB / s read and 382.2 MB in writing to transfer large files, this Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD is the fastest 128 GB model supplied without accessories, but with an excellent program all -in-one.

Samsung 840 Pro Series

The Samsung SSD offers real rates 516.7 MB / s read and 382.2 MB in writing. It comes with an excellent all-in-one, but without accessories.

The promise

To replace the hard disk of your laptop or your desktop machine, Samsung offers a new generation of SSD Samsung 840 Pro Series is distinguished not only by fast flash memory, but also by a home controller with three cores. The Model Samsung 840 Pro Series offers capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB with speeds up to 540 MB / s read and 520 MB / s write. Here we brought the overview of 128 GB version sold about 140 euros.


The Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD provides excellent overall performance and competition the Vertex 4128 GB OCZ Technology. With the ATTO test, measured a top speed of 545.3 MB / s read and 389 MB / s write. But the Samsung SSD also proves swift with CrystalDiskMark test, representative of actual use. High flow rates of 516.7 MB / s read and 382.2 MB / s write ensure the transfer of large files, such as HD video. In comparison, the Vertex 4 is slower in reading (488.8 MB / s) and slightly more swift writing (387.9 MB / s). The Samsung 840 Pro Series also offers very good rates for small files (394 MB / s read and 364.3 MB / s write) such as office documents.

No accessories, but good software

Samsung 840 Pro Series

The Samsung SSD is supplied without accessories but with a CD containing the excellent program Magician. Very nice job, the program displays a wide range of functions: system information, performance optimization, update firmware, secure erase and speed test. Lacks a function of cloning but Samsung has thought and suggests a free download on its website the Norton Ghost 15. Finally, the SSD has a very thin casing (0.7 cm thick). You can install it without problem in the latest laptops and ultrabooks.

The verdict

In the category of 128 GB SSD, Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD set a new record of performance and gives a boost to your computer. We enjoyed the excellent program Magician but it is unfortunate that no accessory is included. This was all regarding the Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD memory chip.


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