Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 affordable 17″ laptop: Review & Specs

This 17inch notebook Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 price gun is not very powerful. It is nevertheless for common office tasks and small media.

This Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 is sold for 399 euros: price for a machine gun that is confined to the essentials.

Packard Bell EasyNote LE11
The promise

Recall that Packard Bell is owned by Acer and again, we play the price to attract consumers. This large laptop Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 with screen of 17.3 inches sold for 399 euros: the price of a netbook! The machine runs on Windows 7 (with upgradable to Windows 8) with some programs installed by Packard Bell full version or trial. But there are no Photoshop or Premiere Elements of this model.

No doubt, this is a machine Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 of input range. This large 17.3-inch PC is thick (3.6 cm), relatively heavy (2.9 kg) and very austere. The machine is covered with shiny black plastic highlights fingerprints. Open case, we find a screen 1600 by 900 dots high gloss (and prone to glare) and a keyboard with a numeric keypad. A bit noisy, it falls relatively well under the fingers. The touch pad, it is large enough, responsive to commands to multiple fingers. Finish with the set of connectors on the sides of the device. There are only three USB ports (two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), 2 video outputs (HDMI and VGA), 1 headphone jack and 1 microphone input. For network communications and wireless Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi n and Gigabit Ethernet network jack (10/100/1, 000 Mbit / s) are in the game.


A good screen and silence

Packard Bell EasyNote LE11
The screen of Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 is bright (200 cd/m2) and sharp, the image rendering is good. Another pleasant surprise: the ventilation is silent at all times (33.2 dB). Consumption of this EasyNote LE11 laptop varies, meanwhile, between 14.7 and 30 watts. It’s not much, but compared to other machines far more powerful, it absorbs more energy. Finally, the audio equipment of the machine is the overall height. If the dimensions and weight of the machine do not intend to travel differently from one room to another, autonomy appears to be very correct. In tests, the battery took 3 hours 24 minutes of video playback, with screen background and Wi-Fi connected.


Small horsepower
The Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 laptop is powered with AMD. This is a processor E1-1200, supported by a single memory module 4GB, who is in charge. A little swifter than some Intel Atom, this chip computation consists of two cores clocked at 1.4 GHz and a Radeon HD 7310M graphics controller. The latter is responsible for displaying the pixels on the 17.3-inch screen. No 3D game is complex to consider on this machine (15 frames per second). Do not expect to get started in video encoding, unless you have a lot of time in front of you. Storage for your data, you can count on a hard disk of 500 GB or consider burn your data on DVDs with the reader.
The verdict

This machine Packard Bell EasyNote LE11 BZ-010FR is confined to the essentials. This is a correct machine for the home condition having only simple computing needs and not be too fussed about the look.

This was all regarding one of the most affordable 17inches laptops i.e. Packard Bell EasyNote LE11.

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