Panasonic HXD5E and Panasonic HXD3E headphones: Review & Specs

Today we brought you the review of headphones Panasonic HXD5E and Panasonic HXD3E which are modest in size but powerful in its audio quality.

Panasonic HXD5E
With or without remote control to smartphone, Panasonic HXD5E and Panasonic HXD3E are distinguished by their design and their sound quality.

On the occasion of high-tech show in Berlin, the Japanese giant Panasonic has introduced its new headphones, and the Panasonic HXD5E and Panasonic HXD3E. Both models like headband, Urban Lifestyle range, are characterized by a sober and chic. They are available in many colors and are available with or without remote control to smartphone.

Panasonic HXD5E

Speakers on Panasonic HXD5E 40mm, 30 mm on HXD3E

The more interesting of the two headsets is undoubtedly the Panasonic HXD5E, with two speakers Neodymium larger diameter: 40 mm, 30 mm against the HXD3E, allowing it to obtain a richer and provide more comfortable listening.

They differ only in the size

Panasonic HXD5E

Except the size of the speakers, the technical and acoustic performance is identical on both Panasonic HXD5E and Panasonic HXD3E. The bandwidth of the two models is between 10 Hz and 25 kHz with a sensitivity of 100 dB. They both have an impedance of 32 ohms, which allows them to connect any audio source without weakening the signal. Among the other commonalities, their padded headband and big soft ear pads to improve comfort. Both headphones use a flexible connection cable 1.20 m with a 3.5 mm jack, and ultrafine gold plated to enhance reliability.
With or without control for smartphone

Both models are also available with a remote control for your smartphone, called HXD5W and HXD3W. Through their microphone and call button they integrated these “versions W” can so call in peace. Panasonic HXD5E headphones will be available in black or white from October: 60 euros the basic version and 70 euros approx for the remote control (HXD5W).

Bandwidth (10 Hz to 25 KHz)
Correct power (100 dB)
Sober and pleasant
Ergonomics (large pads and headband)

No carrying case

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