Panasonic Lumix GH3 Camera a pro version hybrid pro: Review & Specs

First hybrid to offer such a high level of robustness and finishing, Panasonic Lumix GH3 is a technical monster turns out to be the absolute champion of the video.

Panasonic Lumix GH3

Robust as a reflex expert, highly efficient in photo and become the absolute reference video.
The promise

Panasonic Lumix GH3

The first goal of the hybrid devices: they are finally able to replace – or surpass – the entry-level DSLR. These terms means being condemned as hybrids offer best quality / size. Far from targeting novices, Panasonic tries to impress experts by Panasonic Lumix GH3, whose needs are very different, especially in terms of robustness.

Panasonic Lumix GH3 is the first hybrid, all brands offer the same level of service that SLR expert / pro. Much thicker than traditional hybrids such GF5 the GH3 reassured once in hand. Grip rubber touch franc, dials marked with notches and weight “serious”: No doubt, Panasonic invites the court sturdy.
Video modes non-standard

Once is not custom, it is the video which will be discussed first. Indeed, the GH1 and GH2 had impressed with their excellent encoding quality. Panasonic Lumix GH3 goes further, much further and responds to the biggest fantasy amateurs – and professionals – the video: no less than thirteen different modes are distributed among AVCHD, MP4 and MOV. Besides AVCHD modes to no less than 50 frames per second and 28 Mbit / s, it is especially the modes. MOV impress with a mode called All-i code all images – usually consisting of video compression code to do that a portion of the images and measure the differences between two frames.
This mode i reached the All-speed record – for a consumer device – 72 Mbit / s! In addition to a highly detailed picture and a great fluidity between frames, this mode All-i sequences to mount to the frame near.

Panasonic Lumix GH3 crushed so the entire competition in the field of video and could make the shade for Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Mark III 5D certainly more famous but less efficient with regard to recording modes on board.
Sensor Micro 4/3 16 Mpix: small but tough

If the sensor 16 Mpix Micro 4/3 of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 cannot compete with full-size SLR sensor, Panasonic has managed to climb to a level previously only achieved by Olympus with its excellent OM-D E-M5. The photographs are good up to ISO 3200, RAW widely usable up to ISO 6400 and they are mostly very detailed and offer beautiful colors – the weak point of Panasonic.
According to the experts, enthusiasts and even professional reporters who deliver images to the press, Panasonic Lumix GH3 is already a formidable weapon.
The correct format

Panasonic Lumix GH3 is the bridge between the reflex experts, robust and powerful but heavy and bulky, with hybrids, small and lightweight but fragile and less ergonomic. The approach reflex – big grip that fits comfortably in hand – coupled with an intermediate format seems to be the right recipe: heavier than OM-D but lighter than D600, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 is an excellent compromise between weight / size / performance. And, especially the optical Micro 4/3 is still three to four times smaller and lighter than the machines large sensors. The backpack / shoulder are in fact doubly reflected light. Probably a solution to many scoliosis among photographers!

Panasonic Lumix GH3
Usability searched

Benefiting from years of improving reflex, Panasonic Lumix GH3 has an ergonomic searched without draft. We quickly found the functions, menus are clear, well-placed buttons, as the trio white balance / ISO / exposure located right next to the trigger wheel. In addition, with no less than six softkeys.

As with any tool, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 requests an adjustment period for which come from another ecosystem (Canon, Nikon, etc..) and it is clear that all the photographers there not find their account (taste and color). But a generic point of view, the GH3 offers excellent ergonomics thanks to its swivel screen touch that captures video mode services – development of finger pressure, better balance, etc..
EVF: matter of taste

The electronic viewfinder of Panasonic Lumix GH3 operates on MicroOLED technology and displays high-contrast image and very fluid. In low light, the advantage of this is that the viewfinder is able to amplify the signal and displays an image much clearer than that from an optical viewfinder. The other advantage is of course the accuracy of framing, as appears exactly 100% of the pixels.

Just like the Olympus OM-D E-M5, Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and other Sony Alpha A99, the viewfinder of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 is certainly not perfect but it is comfortable enough to substitute for an optical viewfinder.
Electronic shutter: absolute silence

In normal mode, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 camera uses a mechanical shutter in photo mode. But like the G5, the GH3 has an electronic shutter that active leisure. This offers two options: a burst at 20 frames per second (JPEG only) and especially the trigger silent. This is an asset of choice in photo scene, animal, etc..
One memory card slot

The main complaint that we have to do to Panasonic Lumix GH3 is the only memory card slot (SD, SDHC, SDXC) for a device capable of such a burst and offering such rates in video is a bit disappointing. Although the carcass of the animal is less impressive than a DSLR but it seems that the double memory card slot is an important element of this type of device as SD cards are always slower than the Compact Flash.
The verdict

Panasonic Lumix GH3 is a hybrid expert / pro we expected from Panasonic device as good as electronics and optics of the Japanese brand. Robust and tropicalised the GH3 is not only a real challenger in the Canon and Nikon DSLR range expert but it also pays the luxury becoming the benchmark in video mode with All-i to 72 Mbit / s which literally crushes competition, Canon EOS 5D Mark III included. By signing such a device, Panasonic now has a complete ecosystem in the expectations of fans like the pros. It only remains to convince an audience of photographers rather conservative there something else that Canon and Nikon in life …

This was all about Panasonic Lumix GH3 hybrid camera which is available for 1200 EUR.

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