Panasonic PT-AE8000 Home Theatre Projector Specifications and Review

The PT-AE8000 is a projector from Panasonic, one of the better models that this manufacturer offers and certainly a bestseller for the company within the price category that he belongs to. This is a projector that is 3D capable and it’s the second generation model that has this capability from Panasonic. It’s a projector that has a lot of features, great versatility and plenty of flexibility when it comes to its placement. If you’re a geek and you want to tinker with the settings, there are all kinds of nice things for you to try out, including things like the ability to do comparisons side by side, so you know what the results are when you change something, as well as a waveform generator. It really is one of the best projectors available right now at its price point.

Another advantage of this model is its brightness levels. While the former model, PT-AE7000 was already bright, with 2000 lumens, this model is even better, with a total of 2400 lumens. Thanks to this improvement, the projector is even better when it comes to 3D projections. If you have a man cave or home theater, this projector is the model that you need for it. It will work just as well for rooms that usually have a bit more light, including your living room or family room.


  • 1920×1080 resolution (1080p)
  • 2400 lumens brightness
  • 500,000 to 1 contrast ratio
  • 2:1 zoom lens ratio, with focus and motorized zoom
  • Horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • Expected lamp life is 5000 hours if used in eco mode, or 4000 hours if the projector is used at full power
  • 19.2 lbs weight


Panasonic PT-AE8000The PT-AE8000 projector is quite versatile, largely thanks to its impressive lamp, which is capable of offering brightness levels of 2400 lumens. Thanks to it, the projector can display high contrast images which are vibrant and bright, in all kinds of lighting conditions, both in well lit and in dark rooms. Rooms with too much light coming from fluorescent lights are not ideal though and the results will not be as good, but that’s OK, since this model is mostly designed for use in home theaters. It can give you its best in that type of environment, where you can control the lighting that comes in the room.


This is one of the models that you should definitely consider if you need a projector that you can use to view high quality movies at home.

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