Panda cloud technology commitment for 2013 range

Panda Security presented today in Madrid a new portfolio of security solutions aimed at the consumer market. The firm relies on cloud computing technology to deliver products that consume fewer resources without giving up protection guarantees. Among other developments, highlights the support for multicore hardware, the revamped interface and a version specially oriented new ultrabooks.

Panda Internet Security 2013

Panda Antivirus Pro 2013, Panda Internet Security 2013, Panda Global Protection 2013 and the new Panda Protection Ultrabook up the offer to the end user that the company has prepared for this season. This product series premiere the new Scan Manager, capable of performing efficient and up to 70% faster, according to the manufacturer.

Thanks to the technology of Collective Intelligence, Panda Security manages a database with more than 18 Tbytes data which manages and analyzes up to 99.6% of threats, leaving the rest to automatic updating. Since it detects a new strain of malware only spend six minutes until the solution is available for any Panda product.

The new Panda 2013 range of solutions has a complete makeover, which focuses on simplicity and inspired by the aesthetics of Windows 8. The new engine multithread scan to leverage the latest generation processors , the addition of a key manager , a new system for sending queries to support detection system or an operating system vulnerabilities are other notable developments of new Panda solutions.

Panda Ultrabook Protection, consumer safety with minimum

In the coming months we will see the arrival of the ultrabooks to the consumer market. Light Equipment, increasingly affordable and designed for a mobile stage for which Panda has designed a custom security solution: Panda Ultrabook Protection. It will be available only at a suggested retail price of 49.95 euros for a valid license for a year.

Presented in a pendrive USB 16-Gbyte s, this solution provides a level of protection similar to Panda Internet Security 2013, one of the company’s products rated by consumers. With support for multi-core processors present in ultrabooks, will run in the background and with a minimum consumption of resources, providing the best user experience and ensuring total safety.

Panda 2013, availability and prices

The company wants to gain ground in the consumer market and reduce prices on their most successful products, the license for Panda Antivirus Pro 2013 can be purchased from 24.95 euros and two licenses of Panda Internet Security 2013 will have a suggested retail price of 34.95 euros. Panda Global Protection keeps the price of previous years, EUR 73.99 for 1 PC, 1-year and the extra month.

Panda Security plays with thirteen superstitions and its nomenclature remains intact, suggesting a very interesting offer for consumers. Buyers of Panda Antivirus Pro 2013, Panda Internet Security 2013 and Panda Global Protection 2013 will receive a license valid for thirteen months, a month longer than usual in any such solution (offer valid until September 30, 2012).

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