Parrot Zik wireless headset with touch control: Review & Specs

Today we brought you one of the unique available products in this case we are talking about monitor wireless headphones Parrot Zik with touch controls.

Functionality and design features

Parrot Zik

All tend to think that monitoring headphones – is awkward, heavy, and the most simple devices that are nearly impossible to use outside the home or studio. Parrot Zik break this stereotype, giving its owner maximum flexibility combined with high audio quality.

Inside the headset is a wireless module Bluetooth, which ensures the work with various smart phones and iPods.

Headphones themselves are classic monitoring headphones closed. “Bowl” big headphones, they completely cover your ears. Inside the left “bowl” is a removable battery with 800 mAh, and most of the surface of the right is a touch panel that is responsible for control of playback. Battery capacity is enough for 6 hours of continuous music playback via Bluetooth channel, or up to 18 hours through the cable. However, even if the battery is down, then through cable can keep listening, but with additional functionality off – noise-canceling and touchscreen. In standby mode Parrot Zik is able to work up to 24 hours.
In Parrot Zik has four microphones (2 external and 2 internal), which are used for the system of active noise while playing music and talking on the phone. The “cup” o headphones built in a special jaw sensor used for clear voice during calls.


The quality of the Parrot Zik, as headsets largely beyond existing solutions, but, nevertheless, their main field of application – is listening to music with which they deal at an excellent level as emitters used neodymium speakers. Headphones have a very balanced and detailed sound at work both wirelessly and via cable. Parrot Zik really shines in any musical genre. It is worth noting an excellent study of the full range of sound and the ability to fully customize the sound for yourself.

• The value of SPL: 110dB;
• Resistance (wire): 32 ohms;
• Frequency range: 10Hz-20kHz;
• Battery Life:
– Connected to Bluetooth: 6hours
– connection cable included with noise-canceling 18 hours
– Standby time: 24 hours
• Weight: 325 gr.

Additional features:
• Neodymium speakers;
• Supports Bluetooth 02.01;
• Supports NFC;
• Integrated DSP-processor sound;
• Touch panel control playback;
• 4 microphones (2 external and 2 internal);
• Jaw sensor and sensor removal headphones;
• Designed by Philippe Starck.


Parrot Zik creators decided to almost completely abandon the mechanical buttons. All control of the headphones, but their inclusion is via the touch panel located on the right speaker. Switching between tracks by lightly touching the cup earphone forward or back, but in order to increase or decrease the volume by swiping your finger up or down, respectively. A short press on the same sensor operates Accept / reject an incoming call or start / pause music. By the way, when removing the headphones from the head, headphones Zik automatically stop playing and resume it when the headphones back on his head.

Especially, for complete control of the sound producer created an app ParrotAudioSuite. Owners of Android and iOS devices from your device or player can control all the additional functionality, such as noise reduction Active Noise Cancellation, advanced 7-band EQ system and control the width of the stage (the surround sound). Owners of smartphones with built-in NFC can connect headphones just pushing them on to his second unit, to connect other Bluetooth devices will connect the traditional way.

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When you take the Parrot Zik in the hand, you will get the most pleasant on the quality of the materials used. Headphone design is characterized by a very balanced combination of metal, leather and velvet plastic. Parrot Zik features characteristic retro equipment, emphasizing the strong personality of the product. Good impression supplements beautiful packaging, which supplied headphones. By the way, the box in the future that will suit their storage, so do not throw it out.

Parrot lays cable for wired connectivity, micro-USB cable to recharge the internal battery, instructions and fabric carrying case headphones. This was all about the Parrot Zik wireless headphones.

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