Pebble Bluetooth Watch with E-Ink screen

Kickstarter which is well known for its strange projects and unique devices, now this Company is planning to bring something new will be called as – Pebble E-Ink watch.

Pebble E-Ink watch

Pebble project is currently the most successful example of financing on Kickstarter. In May this year, the team has collected in 35 days $ 10,266,845, with an initial amount of $ 100,000.

Although the idea of creating watches with E-Ink screen is not new. The device Pebble E-Ink watch is not only a watch, but also control for music companion for your smartphone, your cycling computer, etc. Given the open SDK, you can come up with many uses Pebble.

Developers do not name the exact date of supply, but judging by the company blog, making watch cases has already begun. So, in near future we may see Pebble E-Ink watch in the market and we might be interested in Bluetooth Pebble E-Ink watch.

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