Philips 236G Monitor with Full-HD 3D Priced below 250 Euros: Specs & Features

Philips has introduced new computer monitor 23 inch with FullHD resolution and 3D, for specifications and price for entry level models with three-dimensional view. Yes, you have read right, now you don’t have to pay more for 3D monitors, Philips has brought a 23inches 3D monitor Solution i.e. Philips 236G 3D Monitor that can support full HD resolution without any flaws.

Philips 236G

The Philips 236G monitor uses a TN panel with modest native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, response time of 5 milliseconds and viewing angles of 170/160 degrees in 2D, rather reduced in 3D mode.

The panel is manufactured by MMD Monitors & Displays subsidiary of Hong Kong-based TPV Technology Limited, a top global producer of display screens and acquired a Dutch company. Philips 236G 3D monitor with Full HD resolution is really massive.

This 3D Monitor Philips 236G a 23-inch monitor and 3D Full HD priced at less than 250 Euros. Yes of course this is a surprise for anyone, but Philips have not revealed the much specs of this Philips 236G monitor which could give the stiff competition to other 23 inches 3D monitor, soon we will publish the complete review of this monitor till then stay tuned for more updates.

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