Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor that operates perfectly with its MVA: Review & Specs

Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor comes with a good quality MVA panel; this screen does not sin by its basic ergonomics, especially since its price is a bit strong. Below I have mentioned a review of Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor that will guide you through its cons and pros.

Philips 27-inch 273E3

The promise

The new Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor, manufacturer loads a slab A-MVA (Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) that promises an excellent contrast ratio of 5000:1. A large screen displaying a black abyssal depth, so that’s what announces Philips.


Philips 27-inch 273E3

Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor has a very common aesthetic. Its case is found from generic manufacturers (Iiyama, Hyundai, etc.), only the front gets a new look to wear the colors of Philips and touch-sensitive controls. The foot of the screen is just as basic: no height adjustment, much less pivotal in portrait mode, you will qualify for a simple plastic base low end.

A good image rendering with high-contrast

The highlight of this monitor is its contrast ratio, typical of VA panels. It is even good at it: default (brightness of 256 cd / m 2 ), the measured contrast ratio of 5000:1 all round! The same figure rises to 5258:1, lowering the brightness to 152 cd / m 2 after calibration. A result obtained with a very deep black (from 0.03 to 0.05 cd / m 2 ) and a very uniform backlighting. A feast for the eyes!

And that’s not all. Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor shades of gray and color fidelity (DeltE average of 2.9) without special adjustment. It is still possible to improve these results by calibrating it with a color sensor. The viewing angles of the slab are good, much higher than the screens TN (Twisted Nematic) cheap, but lower than those of an IPS (In-Plane Switching ).

Not for demanding gamers

In contrast, the Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor suffers the defect of conventional VA technology: its reactivity is below average. It displays a pronounced remanence, it is possible to blur slightly by setting the optional Smart-Response (overdrive) on Faster. Nothing very miraculous provided, the avid gamers do not satisfy in fast games. Casual gamers and movie fans, however, rest content without embarrassment.

Ergonomics insufficient

Last problem, Philips has neglected the interface of this monitor. Its setting menu is relatively easy to access, but it’s not backlit touch controls are a nightmare to use in the dark.

Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor also lacks USB ports, but has a different connection (VGA, DVI and HDMI) with high -in speakers. However, Philips control – as usual – great consumption of its screen: 0.2W in standby and off, and up to 37.5 W in operation.

The verdict

In short, this Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor satisfies those demanding in terms of image quality in multimedia or office use and even movies. The avid gamers will choose them for a more reactive. And, official price is too high at € 330 online. If you have any other query regarding Philips 27-inch 273E3 monitor then feel free to ask.

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