Philips 37PFL6777H HDTV with passive 3D: Review & Specs

This 37inches Philips 37PFL6777H HDTV 1080p provides passive 3D, Wi-Fi, lighting Ambilight Spectra 2. It is capable of running applications connected with velocity through a dual-core processor.

Philips 37PFL6777H

Philips also think of those who do not need a big screen with a 37-inch connected that offers passive 3D and Ambilight technology.

Among the many references to the series 6000 (the mid-range of Philips), one model of 37 inches (94 cm diagonal) Philips 37PFL6777H has everything it takes to please. It is an HDTV 1080p Edge LED backlight, Ambilight Spectra system with 2 (two strips side light offering mood lighting on each side of the screen). It also knows the passive 3D display (two pairs of glasses are included). In addition, the Wi-Fi n connectivity allows access to portal applications and, thanks to its DLNA certification; it can play media playback platforms.

Equipment worthy of a great

Philips 37PFL6777H

This is not all. The Philips 37PFL6777H TV has a dual processor (like smartphones and tablets), and features typically found on larger models (and much more expensive). It enjoys, in fact, a battery options image processing, inherited TV more upscale, like a 600 Hz scan mode it is possible to calibrate the image with precision and bring it minor edits to make it more fluid, more detailed and beautiful. This is often effective, even if it necessarily depends on the quality of video sources. Still, the level of contrast can climb up to 500 000:1 and the brightness is high (400 cd/m2), on paper at least.
Functions with a shovel and a remote keyboard

On the dide “multimedia”, the device has something, because the 3D effect can be adjusted, the conversion 2D to 3D is offered, as well as the Dual View Gaming (play two on one TV seeing two images). But for the latter, you have to wear special glasses, sold as an option. Three USB 2.0 ports allow you to play various multimedia files, as well as record and pause TV programs. The Web browser can be used with the remote biface, integrating a keyboard, supplied by the manufacturer. This is not yet the comfort, but it progresses.
A truly comprehensive product

Finally, note that the Philips 37PFL6777H stand is rotating its frame (black and silver) instead of appearance, five HDMI inputs are present, it is possible to control the device with the mobile application and Philips MyRemote take advantage of the Wi-Fi Smart Screen, to transfer the TV picture on a tablet (Wi-Fi, so). A small 3D TV and connected, able to integrate anywhere priced at 899 euros.

+Ambilight Spectra 2 system
+Multimedia functions
+3D passive
+The integrated dual processor
+Remote control with integrated keyboard


This was all regarding on the best 37inches passive 3D TV, Philips 37PFL6777H.

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