Philips 6000 Series passive 3D TVs with Wi-Fi: Review

The 6000 Series includes five screen sizes: 32, 37, 42, 47 and 55 inches. All the TVs have prices ranging between 800 and 1800 Euros. The 55 inch model seemed more interesting to enjoy both the scenery of the Tour de France, Olympic Games events, but also films on DVD or Blu-ray. It is based on a Full HD 1080p LED-backlit display brightness of 450 cd / m 2 and a contrast ratio of 000:1 increasing to 500. I’ve seen better, but it’s not thatbad. No new side video processing technology with Pixel Precise HD (HD Natural Motion, Super Resolution, etc..) and a 400 Hz scan mode (Perfect Motion Rate). No surprise either in terms of equipment, since found the Ambilight Spectra 2 (which provides the TV side lighting and adjusts the colors of the content watched) and the small traditional remote house.

Philips 6000 Series
The integrated Wi-Fi, but little new

So what’s new? Wi-Fi is integrated, 3D is passive and four pairs of glasses are included in the package. It’s nice too. A method of converting 2D to 3D and options for adjusting the 3D depth is also present, for those so inclined, as is access to Net TV and all the services that go with: recording TV programs on USB an external hard drive, DLNA certification, compatibility MKV, AVI, AAC, JPEG and others.

There are also support a mouse and keyboard via USB, the integration of an Internet browser, the ability to control the TV with an application for smartphone and tablet and automatic repositioning of subtitles.

A TV with many possibilities

The Wi-Fi Smart Screen which will be available in the fall through a software update and that will wirelessly transfer a TV program on a shelf or conversely, to swing and videos photos of the tablet on the TV.

It also has Skype compatibility (the camera is sold as an option), the ability to play two full screen (with an additional 3D kit), the presence of four HDMI, three USB ports, a slot CI +, a PC input, energy labeling A + and a thickness of only 3 cm, you get a truly comprehensive television.

The price of 55 inches Philips 6000 is around 1800 euros. At that price, it is one of the most expensive 55-inch market. But given its level of equipment and its possibilities, the price seems fully justified.


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