Philips ErgoSensor monitor that cares about your health: Review & Specs

Users who spend many hours in front of the screen of a computer know how poor posture can cause an annoying back pain or, worse, a serious long-term health and today we brought you review of Philips ErgoSensor, a monitor that uses technology to help the user to correct your posture.

Philips ErgoSensor

Philips ErgoSensor monitor presents a simple design and clean lines constructed with high quality plastics and Assemblage a level above the average. We liked the stand, nothing ostentatious but firmly enough to orient the screen tilt, rotation (you can put in vertical) or height.

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Philips
Model: Philips 241P4LRYES ErgoSensor
Panel 24-inch WLED, FullHD
Presence and position sensor
Adjustable tilt, height and rotation
4 x USB 2.0
Price: 310 euros

Philips ErgoSensor

The Philips ErgoSensor has a WLED backlit panel 24-inch diagonal offering a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, widescreen 16:9. Its specs are more than adequate for office automation scenario that is oriented and it is worth noting their effective wide viewing angles (170 ° H) / 160 º V).

The Dutch firm sustains ErgoSensor technology in combining a webcam integrated can detect the user’s position in front of the monitor with software that provides the necessary information for a reasonable use of the device. Thus, provides instructions on posture (based on the angle of your head the rest of the body), distance to the monitor (measuring over eyes) and tell us when to rest a few minutes to avoid eyestrain.

Best of the invention is that it is fully automatic and the detection system performs flawlessly, even in low-light or many objects. After a few hours of use, get used to maintain proper posture and reduce fatigue and stress during the work day. The sensor is also used to conserve power by turning off the monitor when you are not in front. Philips completes these options with a 0 watt switch mode and savings, which can reduce consumption by up to 80%.

Philips ErgoSensor

In the test, Philips ErgoSensor 24inches monitor shown as a perfect device for work office suite, with a panel that offers a real contrast of 1000:1, up to 250 cd/m2 brightness and outstanding sharpness. The technology SmartImage is able to detect what type of content being played (apps, movies, games, etc..) and change certain parameters in real time to always offer improved image quality. With a 5 ms refresh is not the best option to play, but it over-compensates if we are casual users.

In terms of connectivity, the Philips ErgoSensor: includes DVI-D (HDCP Digital) and VGA and behind the panel, find a hub of four USB 2.0 ports and audio input and output.


The Philips ErgoSensor offers excellent image quality, extensive connectivity options and excellent build quality. The technology adds value ErgoSensor very important for heavy users, especially if they have back problems or suffer from visual fatigue while working.

This device can be purchased for about 320 euros, a price slightly higher than other monitors of this diagonal with similar benefits. In our view, the product justifies this difference for the quality offered by panel (far superior to the TN of the cheaper models), commitment to ergonomics and technological burden to improve the image and save energy. It is especially suitable for heavy users who spend eight hours or more in front of the computer. This was all about the Philips ErgoSensor monitor which cares for your health as Phillips is promising.

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