Philips GIOCO 3D monitor, Ambilight comes to monitors: Specs & Features

The company Philips has shown in Berlin for IFA 2012 its new monitor 3D AmbiGlow, officially known as Philips GIOCO. It is a display that offers a novelty which is not available at the PC segment.

Philips GIOCO

It is a system of LEDs on the back that will illuminate the back wall with dominant colors of the screen image which gets a more immersive experience. So, Philips GIOCO 3D monitor is different than other monitors no doubt.

As the title of this articles suggest GIOCO monitor is a 3D LED, so have high refresh rates, minimum 120 Hz monitor, in addition Philips 278G4DH comes with MHL connectivity via integrated microUSB practically most current smartphones.

At present we don’t have full specs information regarding this massive Philips GIOCO 3D monitor but soon we will publish its almost all specs and features so stay tuned.

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