Philips has released a 23” 3D-display Philips 236G3DHSB: Review & Specs

Philips has announced the launch of a new model of computer monitor Philips 236G3DHSB, having support for playback of stereoscopic images.

Philips 236G3DHSB

The presented device Philips 236G3DHSB has a screen diagonal of 23 inches and supports Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. It is equipped with a W-LED backlight matrix, which provides high contrast and low power consumption. The value of the static contrast ratio monitor Philips 236G3DHSB stated at 1000:1 dynamic contrast – 20000000:1, the maximum image brightness – 250 cd / m ². Response time is 5 ms, and activation technology SmartResponse response time when switching between shades of gray is reduced to 2 msec. Novelty can show stereoscopic content. To view the 3D used passive glasses without flicker, the benefits of which can also include a small mass, no need to recharge the batteries, and low cost. This model also supports the transformation of content 2D to 3D. The viewing angles for the monitor Philips 236G3DHSB is 170 degrees horizontally (80 degrees when viewing 3D) and 160 degrees vertical (12 degrees when viewing 3D). To connect the signal sources are two HDMI ports and a connector VGA. Used Stand allows you to adjust the slope of the display surface in the range of -5 / +20 degrees. Typical power consumption of the device in the mode of operation is 23.85 watts in standby – 0.5 watts off – less than 0.3 Tues.

Information on the timing of the start of sales and the value of the suggested retail price of a new 23inches 3D-monitor Philips 236G3DHSB is not yet been reported, stay tuned for more updates regarding this monitor.

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