Philips LightFrame Moda 23inches Monitor, bright edges but unconvincing: Review and Specs

LightFrame technology from Philips is promising. This backlight system emits a blue color around the screen. This blue light “restores your body clock, re-energizes and increases your sense of well-being”, according to Philips. Also according to the manufacturer, the wavelength of light emitted by the screen “reduces eyestrain and improves concentration, even during extended use”. So, we have brought you the review of Philips LightFrame Moda review, which will answer us that it, really sets the biological clock or not.

Philips LightFrame Moda Monitor

Reality of Philips LightFrame Moda

Philips LightFrame Moda has finished side, nothing too impressive. This monitor Philips 23.6 inch 248X3LFHSB has an original design, but its materials are conventional plastics. It has two HDMI inputs and a VGA.

Its assembly is suitable, but beware; the foot of the screen is not adjustable in height. It’s a shame, because this monitor is supposed to improve the comfort of its owner for a long-term use.

A proper image in Philips LightFrame Moda for a cheap display

Philips uses MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) of high quality in many of its instructors, but this model Lightframe Moda merely a 23.6-inch full-HD TN (Twisted Nematic) but cheap. The image rendering is still correct.

This LightFrame monitor has a uniform backlight. It is relatively deep black over its entire surface, allowing it to achieve a good contrast ratio, over a 200:1. By default, the return of color and shade of gray is correct (DeltaE of 3.3). Only the gamma is too high (2.49). These results are in the right average for TN. In addition, Philips is fluent in the consumption of the monitor: 0.1 W in standby and off, and only 21 W in operation (lighting technology LightFrame consumes only 1.6 W over its maximum intensity).

L screen displays, however limited viewing angles, typical of TN technology. Moreover, its persistence is a bit too high to suit all players. By activating the option of overdrive Smart Response Philips on its lower intensity (Fast), the Philips LightFrame Moda will be suitable for casual gamers. The most demanding them cannot be content in fast games.

Philips LightFrame Moda: useful in the dark

Difficult to comment on the effectiveness of Lightframe. We believe this lighting system is really annoying that when you watch a movie. In other activities, we have not felt a particular welfare. Some people have found the system easy on the eyes, others have found superfluous. A low intensity, the blue lighting of the perimeter of the monitor, however, provides some consistency with the visual interface of Windows.

The verdict

With this monitor, Philips LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB, Philips brings an original idea on the market, which we welcome. It should certainly improve in future instructors, why not merging the Ambilight and Lightframe within a single screen. Despite a very decent image rendering, this monitor fails, however, a little too ergonomics and equipment to be really interesting to compete.

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