PhoneJoy Play – turn your smartphone into gaming console: Specs & Features

Just published an interesting new project on Kickstarter, the PhoneJoy Play accessory for smartphone and no doubt it can be one of the most interesting accessories in recent times for the world of smartphones.

PhoneJoy Play

If we specifically talk about this PhoneJoy Play universal gamepad it will fit our smartphone and allows us to take full advantage of mobile video games.

In the project description in the original page shows all the information about a project that aims to offer an alternative to the typical touch controls, which are far from ideal for most mobile games.

This PhoneJoy Play device is designed to fit any type of smartphone, iOS, Android, even then we can enjoy on the big screen, thanks to a simple extensible system that once set the size (horizontal or vertical) of our terminal is fixed without problems with side stops.

Also, on YouTube working prototype of device is available which was tested with HTC One X smartphone, and the developers have already managed to attract 12,000 of the $ 50,000 needed to start the project of mass manufacturing. If all things will go well, then it will make the first shipments in April 2013, and the PhoneJoy Play gamepad device will be priced at $ 199 for early investors, price could be higher when it will be launched.

PhoneJoy Play

No doubt, in images you can see PhoneJoy Play device would be really great for our smartphones, I am excited to play my smartphone games with this gamepad, aren’t you?

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