Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player: Review, Specs & Features

After the BDP-150 Blu-ray player, Pioneer launches its big brother the Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player. Blu-ray that looks good in all respects and that should know a great success among connoisseurs. Simply because it is comprehensive and not too expensive.

Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray

Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player and SACD ready for streaming audio

Aesthetics and overall design (four big feet, a central drawer, a faux brushed aluminium facade …) should reassure music lovers, especially since the camera supports SACD and DVD-Audio. For fans of compressed music (MP3 and WMA), Pioneer has also planned its DSP Sound Retriever Link and PQLS (Precision Quartz Lock System) and a Pure Audio listening to the hi-fi classic. Listening to music can also be done through one of two USB 2.0 ports and streaming via the Ethernet port. Unless you opt for Wi-Fi, with the AS-WL300 adapter that will be sold in addition to 99 euros. DLNA will obviously put more services online and will be available including YouTube and Picasa.

Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player is ready for the multiroom audio / video

Side home theater, the unit will play Blu-ray 3D and will be equipped with two HDMI outputs capable of operating simultaneously. It will be possible to connect the first in living room TV and the second to the projector cinema room or a second TV in another room. More good news, Pioneer has integrated video processor Marvell Qdeo which will be responsible for noise reduction, optimization of contrast and color, the up scaling 1080p HD DVDs and improvement of the dive and a reference in this field. All HD audio formats can also be decoded internally and sent to an amplifier via HDMI A / V Finally, know that it will be possible to connect with a smartphone or tablet (IOS / Android) through the application iControlAV2.
In the end, almost nothing is missing and its price (299 Euros) remains quite accessible and Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player is releasing this October.

Pros of Pioneer BDP-450:

  • The two HDMI outputs
  • Marvell Qdeo video processing
  • SACD compatibility
  • The two USB ports
  • The price

Cons of Pioneer BDP-450:

  • Online services typically small compared to competition
  • The price of the WiFi adapter

It was all regarding the Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray 3D Player, its price, release date, specs and features. If you have any query feel free to ask.

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