Plantronics GameCom Commander headset: Complete Review & Specs

Plantronics GameCom Commander is very upscale look to massive, it delivers a very good sound quality and microphone is very powerful. Too bad it lacks versatility.

Despite its high price and lack of versatility, the Plantronics GameCom Commander is a very good choice for avid gamers for keen competitions and challenges online.

Plantronics GameCom Commander

The promise

Plantronics GameCom Commander offers excellent insulation passive voice transmission at the tip and comfort suitable for long hours of wear.


Plantronics GameCom Commander

The Plantronics GameCom Commander is the latest fabulous creation signed player for Plantronics. Resolutely upscale, this headset is sold approximately for 300 euros and there will not be for everyone! Only 5000 copies were created and sent around the world. This headset offers wide – swivel mounted on metal rods – which include ear (circum oral) and a micro swivel. This is great to hear the slightest noise and communicate with your teammates when you play online games like World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Starcraft II.

The heavy demands

Plantronics GameCom Commander

Solid and a bit heavy (450 g), supports the Plantronics GameCom Commander is fairly easy thanks to reinforcement and headband padding. However, the narrow form of the latter (inverted U-shaped while others are rather C) may interfere with the “big heads.” Indeed, the connection between the headband and earphones based and relies a bit much on the skull. If you wear glasses, you should spend some time to properly adjust the height of headphones and avoid pain to feel the pressure of the branches behind the ears. For the rest, the coating is nice and comfortable headphones.

Isolation and clear evidence of transmission

Plantronics GameCom Commander

Resembling nothing so much as a pair of aviation the GameCom Order is almost all assets. The passive isolation headphones is quite convincing. In a noisy environment (an open space), with music in the headset and cannot hear anything other. The Plantronics GameCom Commander headset is not great for music lovers.
Conversely, in video games, immersion is total. Various sound effects and soundtracks are faithfully transcribed. Spatialization events (footsteps, explosions) are also very well controlled. This greatly facilitates concentration and increases your efficiency in flushing out your opponents. Microphone, flex and pivot offers a quality of communication that we’d never seen a player headset.
Two cables, two uses?

Plantronics opts for opulence delivering two cables with its high-end headphones Plantronics GameCom Commander. These headphones connect to a mounting system owner. We would have preferred a removable cable 3.5 mm jack, connected directly to the listener. In any case, it is convenient to change if ever false contacts should occur after years of loyal service. The first of the two cables is designed for use with a smartphone or MP3 player.

Indeed, it has a remote control that allows you to mount the volume and activate the microphone. It is half right half spiral (such as telephone wires). Without pulling on the spiral cable is 2.4 m, and the relaxing, it reached 3.8 m in length. It ends with two 3.5 mm jacks and distills stereo sound.

For a 7.1 surround sound, connect the two jacks in the small accessory supplied with a USB port. It serves its mini-map and emulates 7.1 sounds through the headphones. The simulation is quite successful, but we retain a clear preference for the stereo.
The verdict

Comes in a big bag rigid, the Plantronics GameCom Commander is ready to follow you everywhere. With this headset, your opponents had better watch out! You will hear the slightest movement. It is one of the top ten players headset. However, for the price (300 euros), we would have appreciated it a bit more versatile, lighter, and its branches are notched for finer adjustment.

This was all about one of the best gaming headset to this date i.e. Plantronics GameCom Commander.

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