PocketBook E-Ink Triton reader with color display and backlight: Specs & Features

The company announced PocketBook device for reading e-books, built based on the color display E-ink Triton second generation with backlight function (Frontlight), in this case we are talking about PocketBook E-Ink Triton reader. The use of light to electronic paper gives a lot of benefits, ranging from increased contrast and finishing ability to read comfortably in low ambient light. In the case of E-ink Triton provides even illumination and brighter, more saturated colors, compared with solutions that rely only on external light such ECTACO jetBook COLOR. It should be noted that the prototype of color backlit reader PocketBook shown behind closed doors for another IFA 2012.

PocketBook E-Ink Triton reader
Now it is known characteristics of the product and the estimated date of the release. The PocketBook E-Ink Triton reader device is equipped with an 8-inch color display based on electronic ink. Its resolution is 600×800 pixels, and the number of reproducible colors – 4096. There is also a built-in touch panel with support for Multi-Touch. Another feature of the color reader PocketBook – the area above the touch screen, which allows one-touch adjust the brightness.
According to the forecasts of the manufacturer, PocketBook E-Ink Triton reader will go on sale in the month of June 2013.

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