Portable Projector for your smartphones from Rollei

Now you can project images from your smartphone or tablet onto a wall or screen very easily. There is a new portable projector introduced by Rollei which is called a pico projector. The size of the projector is just 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches (45 x 45 x 46 mm) so small that you can hold it in your hand and beam it on the wall. The weight of the pico projector is just 4.6 oz (129 g). You can take the projector anywhere you want along with your smartphone. The Rollei projector is a cube shape projector and looks more like a Rubik’s-Cube.

Rollei, in conjunction with SK Telecom Korea, has developed this small and lightweight pico projector that displays images on a wall or screen to a height of 60 inches (152cm). The pico projector uses a 2300 mAh/120 minutes running time lithium-polymer battery and LED. The LED can last long for good 10,000 hours of burn time.

 rollei_rubic cube projector

You can connect the Rollei Innocube IC200T/IC200C projector to any laptop, tablet, smartphones, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and iPads. The pico projector  is very useful for when your are away and need to quickly show some images, files and presentations from you mobile device. The same can be used to watch movie from your smartphone at your friends place. It generates very minimal heat and the noise is so small that it can’t even be noticed. Rollei has designed the pico projector look like a mini-speaker.

The pico projector has 35 ANSI lumens of brightness which can project images from a distance of two metres at an aspect raio of 4:3. The VGA resolution is 640×480 pixels; the contrast ratio is 800:1. 

Launch and price:

The sale of the pico projector will begin in March 2013. The retail price of this portable projector would be around EUR 299 (approx $392). Rollei is also planning to bring the multi colored version on the pico projector by April at the price of EUR 329 (approx. $432). The pico projector will definitely be a very handy device and good companion for your smartphone.

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